The Third Eye Poem by Captain Herbert Poetry

The Third Eye

Rating: 4.2

The innate gift to see the lost souls
An ability looking the ghosts
Can vision what’s in dreams
Can interpret the shade and shadows of the unseen

But many people can see only the real world
Many people cannot see the lost and bad spirits
We can see the real and pure living people
We can see on our bare eyes the alive and kicking humanity

But all of us have the third eye
But not about the spirits of dead people
It is the third eye that can see beyond the real people
It is also unseen but we feel it on our within

Our third eye is our pure Heart
Pure heart can see the unseen of honest Friendship
Pure heart that can see the needs of the poor with Compassion
Third eye is our Pure HEART to see the unseen and essence of LOVE

Sekharan Pookkat 20 April 2014

interpretation of dreams shades and shadows depend upon the vision of a person and his perspectives

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Shania K. Younce 20 April 2014

You use rich wording in this poem. It is well put. Bien!

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Vishal Sharma 24 April 2014

lovely written with a well put one of my fav from u....! ! !

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Jessica Hernandezdamian 25 April 2014

Lovely poem with great words. great job!

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Ojone Amedu 29 April 2014

It's a beautiful poem.

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Kanniappan Kanniappan 23 December 2015

The poem 'The Third Eye ' is a nice explanation of the pure heart.

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Nancy Oyula 15 January 2015

.........Third eye is our Pure HEART to see the unseen and essence of LOVE... Couldn't be said better.

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Cosheila Bihag 27 July 2014

You're such a good poet and it's your nature to write a nice output.

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Helena Zen 06 May 2014

a long lasting writing. .....Highly expressive ..........Eloquently great

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Vilma Gomez 04 May 2014

A poem that can be treasured because of its precious and meaningful message. This poem will last in many generations.

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