A Place In You Poem by Captain Herbert Poetry

A Place In You

Rating: 4.8

How can I have a place within you?
I honestly care about your tender ways
Thinking your protection every moment
Loving every details of your life

Understand whatever your past
Forgetting what lies around and behind you
I don’t mind what others ‘r saying
Just give me a little room upon you

Waiting cannot last any longer
Because I will die early longing with you
Shortness of life is everlasting to me
If I had space in the kingdom of your heart

Where will I stay in the rest of my days?
To whom will I give my everlasting commitment?
If your heart is open only for a dot-sized
Will let me pass through a Place within
and open widely to flow like a stream of Love inside you?

Jonas Goncalves 03 May 2014

Brilliant poem! The eleventh verse invaded my mind...

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Venus Lim 04 May 2014

How elusive to pass inside your heart to get the love of the dearest one APPLAUSE on this poem Thumbs up to the poet

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Mae Navales 04 May 2014

I feel an honest commitment and faithful love to the beloved. So beautiful and lovely

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Vilma Gomez 04 May 2014

BRILLIANT! ! ! I love the climax at the last stanza

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Ging Taping 04 September 2014

nice one... treasure every moment.. for we are just a passers by..

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 December 2015

Love! With a place within. Nice work.

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I honestly care about your tender ways Thinking your protection every moment.. nice lnes...10 it is good search to reach and gains tability with blessings from an almighty

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Bharati Nayak 20 June 2015

Written with such passion and beauty it is a great poem on love.

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Ninette Carey 23 May 2015

Beautful spoken! ! A gift of Love to be truly cherished! ! !

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Hazel Durham 19 May 2015

Beautifully written expressing great passion and truth pouring from your besotted heart!

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