A Place In You Poem by Captain Herbert Poetry

A Place In You

Rating: 4.8

How can I have a place within you?
I honestly care about your tender ways
Thinking your protection every moment
Loving every details of your life

Understand whatever your past
Forgetting what lies around and behind you
I don’t mind what others ‘r saying
Just give me a little room upon you

Waiting cannot last any longer
Because I will die early longing with you
Shortness of life is everlasting to me
If I had space in the kingdom of your heart

Where will I stay in the rest of my days?
To whom will I give my everlasting commitment?
If your heart is open only for a dot-sized
Will let me pass through a Place within
and open widely to flow like a stream of Love inside you?

Venus Lim 04 May 2014

How elusive to pass inside your heart to get the love of the dearest one APPLAUSE on this poem Thumbs up to the poet

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Jonas Goncalves 03 May 2014

Brilliant poem! The eleventh verse invaded my mind...

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Vilma Gomez 04 May 2014

BRILLIANT! ! ! I love the climax at the last stanza

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Mae Navales 04 May 2014

I feel an honest commitment and faithful love to the beloved. So beautiful and lovely

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Kaila George 29 April 2014

This is just beautiful beyound words..had me in tears as I read this...thank you for sharing this....10+++

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 December 2015

Love! With a place within. Nice work.

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I honestly care about your tender ways Thinking your protection every moment.. nice lnes...10 it is good search to reach and gains tability with blessings from an almighty

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Bharati Nayak 20 June 2015

Written with such passion and beauty it is a great poem on love.

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Ninette Carey 23 May 2015

Beautful spoken! ! A gift of Love to be truly cherished! ! !

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Hazel Durham 19 May 2015

Beautifully written expressing great passion and truth pouring from your besotted heart!

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