Fervid Desire Within Poem by Captain Herbert Poetry

Fervid Desire Within

Rating: 4.3

Rhyme on my heart
Feel the lines apart
Metrical at the start
Beautiful sensation will impart

Life is like a verse
Rhythm is not a curse
Intonations on me immerse
Within my art coerce

Unseen essence all-important
Behind syllables enchant
Beyond prose is significant
Imaginations are deeply radiant

Good sound of words with hope
Soothe with the moments of peace
Stood with the speech of truth
Put resonance and exciting love

Give meaningful rage and passion,
Live connected with ardent and zealous
Give warmth and fervid desire
Live, forgive and outlive with a poem

I wrote this at home. I dedicate this poem to all poet and the poetry itself.
Wilfred Arzaga 25 November 2013

a very unique composition :)

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Munashe Rupazo 06 December 2013

This gives a powerful touching lesson on living life peacefully with others, in terms of forgiveness

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Shania K. Younce 26 December 2013

I like how you put the title in your poem and gave it a whole surounding.

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Yash Shinde 06 April 2014

..........a beautiful poem narrating the impact of a poem on the poet and reader itself..............lovely write

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Jessica Hernandezdamian 25 April 2014

Its a lovely poem. Live, forgive, and outlive with a poem I really like this line.

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Chinedu Dike 09 November 2019

A beautiful work of art well articulated and nicely penned in persuasive expressions with conviction. Thanks for sharing.

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 December 2015

To hope for your love. Nice work.

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Bharati Nayak 17 June 2015

Live, forgive and outlive with a poem.With Insightful thoughts it is a great poem.

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Henry Garcia 08 May 2015

a perfect rhyme with a perfect theme A memorable poem

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Nancy Oyula 16 January 2015

Your rhyme scheme is so on point, Herbert: -)

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