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~ Sedation Of Salvation ~

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~ Sedation Of Salvation ~
Ms. Nivedita
4 July,2010
Humble Note:

[1] Dispassionate Karma: Without being attached to the fruits of activities, for by working without attachment one attains the Supreme [a.k.a Salvation]

[2] Passionate Karma: Antithesis to above


Accelerate my momentum
Swell like snow ball
To savor passionate karmic
Flip-fab side of life!

Smooch sore - sauce
Sour - sweet
Sting - zing of
Passionate karma
Than dwindle frictional frazzle
Of dispassionate one!

Clamp wear and tear
Passionate karma metal ball why?

Decelerate inertia
Eschew embargo
Fab-flab-side of dispassionate
Karmic floridity of life!

I love to enjoy life chord
Thru bondage of karma cord
Than un-bondaged karma!

Seers and sages make
Salvation as focus
Their lofty indulgence locus
Ultimating in convergence.

Divergence my property
Karmic liberty
Accept all
Flop lollipop
Fop hip hop!

Sedation of salvation
Why be slave of?

Dispassion is opium
Passion is my summum bonum.

Offering O' Salvation
Garnish gun salutation
You’re but just isolation.

Summum bonum [Latin] ~ The supreme good in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived.
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Extremely joyous to read this poem Reminds me R.N.Tagore's [RNT] wrote., '...let attachment be gate way to salvation...' Poet made some translation of RNT...may be in subconscious this clicked to write this poem Philosophical outfit made this poem splendorous Indeed a classy Regards
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Bachha Chakravorty 18 April 2012
Dispassionate Karma [DP] and Passionate Karma [PK]...very aptly 'upper-hand' to PK....accepting all hurdles and loads...bravo.... DP is also a path of Karma Yoga...where I [read ego] is muffled or vestiged... Seers / Sages advocate Poet in favor of PK Excellent poem... opening avenue for thinking ten+++
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Kevin Carney 02 December 2010
Fascinating write, you have spelled out many thoughts of looking at Karma which opened my eyes. I love your flow and style and really most of you works make one think. Great write.
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Narender Singh Bansal 28 October 2010
when the mind is busy with the I, how can eye see the reality
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Jorge Campos 06 September 2010
I trully like your style, very well expression of emotions...great job
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Satan Esquire 08 August 2010
Your word using abilities are unflappable, eclipsed only by your punctuality in timing. This poem is like a rope into the sky.
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Venkatesh Jagannathan 01 August 2010
Deep intellectual thoughts garnished with wonderful choice of words. Just loved it. Kudos!
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Rajaram Ramachandran 30 July 2010
Lord Krishna says in Bhagwad Gita that one should do his duty leaving the fruits of labour in the Lord's hands. This is one kind of unattached karmic action which leads to salvation ultimately. You have rightly brought this effect in your poem.
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Alex Fischer 28 July 2010
Very intriguing. It certainly sticks out from other poems I've read. Very deep and philosophical. I like it.
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David Beckham 26 July 2010
Accelerate my momentum Swell like snow ball To savor passionate karmic Flip-fab side of life! ...The intriguing thing I find about reading a John Grisham is his opening lines... I find myself reciting this opening stanza over and over again. Cant get over it. The flexibility in the structure of the stanza and its rhythmic flow really opens it up for one to enjoy. It puts me so close to my beliefs and leaves me living on the flip-fab side of life. Well done 10/10
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