~ Ace Grace ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Ace Grace ~

Rating: 4.3

For: Ace Grace
Undress and Embrace
Enjoy solace in divine crèche.

Unwritten Soul 29 August 2010

Surprised...at first i read it many time try to catch what u want to us understand...now i got it...yeah what a slow 'processor' of mine today lol...hey it is wonderful...give me a smile and beautiful hope! thanks niv, like it so much 10/10... :)

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majid Alsaady 06 September 2010

surprisingly short and graceful. the vivd picture of the sole existance.make me turned twice thnx for the emotion.and the invite

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 07 September 2010

it felt like an Everest experience...

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Ken E Hall 08 September 2010

this poem has the power of instant recognition of meaning with a huge capiital M, oozing with simplicity mmm....10/10

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Venkata Lakshmi Narasimharao 10 September 2010

Dear Nivedita, You have the knack of depicting beautiful imagery with your creativity.You are on par with keats.It is no exaggeration. yours lovingly, JVL NARASIMHA RAO INDIA

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Teddy Opundo 18 July 2013

I love this.great poem?

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Laura Nnamdi 20 April 2012

Just like a paradox...contradictory on surface, but has an important meaning...Bravo!

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Unwritten Soul 28 June 2011

Your talent make short sound big...it a few words but lot of meaning..deeper scence! _Unwritten Soul

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Subbaraman N V 28 November 2010

Short but pregnant with meaning!

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Miroslava Odalovic 15 October 2010

Nice solace for an ice age *virm.

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