Show Me The Way Poem by Alicia Gail Lightsey

Show Me The Way

Rating: 4.5

Here I am today
Father, "Show Me the Way"
May your light shine through me
So lost souls who are blind may see
Use me Father as you will
An empty cup for you to fill
Cleanse my mind, body, spirit and soul
Wash me clean and make me whole
Forgive me for the sins I've done
Grace me with mercy, Oh Holy One
Sometimes I feel pain and sorrow
I worry about troubles of tomorrow
I cry from lack of understanding
Sometimes I'm impatient and demanding
Through it all Father I cling to you
Because I know your love is true
Here I am Father, still trusting Thee
To fulfill the promises you made to me
Sometimes I cry when I feel you within
You are the source upon which my life depends
I ask you for wisdom, you teach me to love
I love You Father more than my mind can conceive of
My life is an open book to you
Write on my heart what you will have me to do
I'm your willing servant, I'm ready to obey
Here I am Father, "Show Me the Way"

Monday, July 11, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational
I wrote this poem/prayer because I want God to cleanse me and use me to reach others.
Chinedu Dike 11 July 2016

Beautiful devotional piece of poetry that portrays total submission to the Will Of God, well articulated and elegantly penned in good rhyme scheme with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing Alicia. Please read my poem COLOSSAL MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE (i.e the death of Christ) .

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Glad you enjoyed this poem and I most definitely will ready your poem and comment as well. Be blessed.....

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Alicia Gail Lightsey 11 July 2016

That's the way I speak to my Creator

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Alicia Gail Lightsey 11 July 2016

I am one with the Creator

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Alicia Gail Lightsey 11 July 2016

Show Me the Way is a poem/prayer that I recite everyday. Every time I read this poem I know that I am one with the Creator.

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Alicia Gail Lightsey 11 July 2016

Show Me the Way is a prayer that has been a part of the fabric of my everyday life. I feel very connected to the Creator every time I read this poem because this poem speaks directly to God.

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