Seeing Through The Snow At Night Poem by Jette Blackstone

Seeing Through The Snow At Night

Rating: 4.7

Snow fell in a thicket of white,
melted in rivulets along the outside
of a bistro window, framing the image of ‘us.'
I glanced up into whiskey eyes
and lost perspective.

He grabbed my hand, whispered
love spun words I longed to taste.
His whispers made me shiver
as the snow spiraled higher and higher,
spun us into a single cloak.

A leg curled over mine.
‘I want you now' he whispered.
And I swallowed his eyes in one sip,
fell into a finely woven dream.

Hands wrapped over mine
and we held on until we could feel nothing
but the warm lip of our aspirations
melting along the fringes of darkness.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: hope,love,passion,snow,winter,desire
This poem was inspired by Fabrizio Frosini's poem, Nocturnal Snowing.In fact, it is a version of it.It was fun to let go to notions of pure light and the snow.
Barry Stebbings 02 November 2017

Snow is always such a romantic theme. I think because it comes at a time of hope and promise. Nicely written.

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Rebecca Navarre 25 March 2018

Very Beautifully Woven On A Warm Winters Night! ! ! ! ! Thank You Ever So Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! ! Ever So Very Many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! +++++

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Susan Williams 03 December 2017

So beautifully romantic... wow! ! ! glanced up into whiskey eyes and lost perspective.- -don't you just love it when that happens and everything just goes lovey and dovey and a look just melts you! ! ! Wonderful poem! ! ! 10++++

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Jette Blackstone 05 December 2017

Thank you Susan. I was so taken by Frosini's poem I decided I need to create something dreamy and romantic...and pretty. Honestly, these Midwestern winters can be challenging...this poem just lightens everything...the poem is especially apropos in mid January through mid February. Anyways, thank you! :)

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Yiyan Han 15 November 2017

Wonderful singing love poem...good work done!

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Jette Blackstone 05 December 2017

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my love poem. I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

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Stacy Geena 10 November 2017

I loved your poem. Fantastic writing.

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Jette Blackstone 05 December 2017

Thank you so much Stacy.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 06 November 2017

beautiful imagery it snows here wowly every night I see through my windows glass it appears so soft like white grass and when i go off to sleep I see white ghosts only And I appear to be scared I wake up my spouse help I can't sleep warm me and she obliges

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Jette Blackstone 07 November 2017

Thanks so much for your lovely comments. It's always nice to have a special person who loves you to help one sleep and stay warm through all the snow. Take care.

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