Rebecca Navarre

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My poems are of old, and of new. Some are for me and
some are for you. Some are to vent...and toss to the
seas's. Some are meant for Someone, whose Soul... is
in The Breeze!

Love to write, slow reader
But Love to read! ! !
song, We Ar ...
Popular Poems
In His Daze...
He's in the barn, watching the golden rays of sun
stream down. He's climbing the big, old oak tree, that
he's found. He's running off through the blades of grass.
He's thinking of, that cute, little girl who smiled at him
Angels Wings
Angels wings, softly ring. With
the lullaby's that they sing.
Softening, the harshend winds, cry.
From deep outside. As gusts pick up
Hanging out with the girls next door,
Oh, what troubles we found galore. When
Warnings were ignored.And as we got bored,
drinking was explored. Listening to wrong,
The stars are falling from the sky. The man in the moon
has shut his eyes. And the sun is gone away. But, that's
The grass keeps turning brown. Even though the rain, keeps
Timeless Butterflies...
Cross the meadow. On the other side of the hill,
down by, the old watermill. Watching the water swirl,
a little boy, and a little girl. Skipping rocks and fishing,
closing their eyes, and wishing. Climbing trees to


Dr Dillip K Swain 23 April 2021
Becca is a wonderful poetess and a very nice person. Her poetry carries illustrious beauty..I wish her a delightful poetic career. May God bless you!
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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 April 2021
Hello Dear AUTUMN CLEMATIS, how are you, dearest Becca? I do hope utmost fantastic. Till in the next 'meeting', always your dear poetfriend, Sylvia
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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 April 2021
3) but which poem do I get? I want the newest poem, that 5 Stars are for yourpassionate personality. Thank you so much having you as friend in God, having the same quickness in reading, lol, both slow readers! God's Blessings in Abundance for you, dearest Becca
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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 April 2021
2) YES 5 Stars for your sweetest personality and so kindest, I am missing you, but very happy to 'see' you again by chance. Of course I can use the Search,
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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 April 2021
TODAY, I came across your poem, and so surprising, because I cannot find you for some time since we last met on this new Home Page, but the you disappeared again, I became so very sad, but now first 5 Stars Full
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Kim Barney 09 August 2020
Hey, Autumn Flower! Come back! I miss your unbounded enthusiasm!
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sdvsdvs 27 January 2020
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Kumarmani Mahakul 01 October 2018
On behalf of all fellow poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poetess Rebecca Navarre as, Autumn Clematis. From today on wards she will be known as Autumn Clematis Rebecca Navarre. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this. We congratulate poetess for having this honorary title and we are wishing her all the best for her future perseverance.
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Bill Cantrell 08 April 2018
I have found this poet to be extreamly unique! ! ! Such passion and I must say..refreshing new breath to poemhunter, one cannot help but to feed off of her enthusiasm! ! Susan was correct, , she is not a dabbler or a trifler, she touches life and she thus tells you what she feels! Thank you Rebecca for your beatiful poetry! ! !
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Susan Williams 17 March 2018
Part One. I do not write comments about poets until I have gotten to know their body of work because I do not take lightly the amount of time, effort, heart and soul that we poets put into our work. One of the loveliest things about A Rebecca Navarre poem is how you can see the spirit of this remarkable woman in her writings.
7 1 Reply
Susan Williams 17 March 2018
Part Two. The style is unique is what you notice first of all. Why yes, that is because she is a unique individual. Then you feel the pulse of her heart in her lines- - this poet feels the world around her and in her very strongly. She is not a dabbler or a trifler. She is deeply embedded in the life and the people and the animals around her.
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Susan Williams 17 March 2018
Part Three. Then you will feel the heights of her enthusiasms and the depths of her sorrows. She lives life deeply and reading her poems will pull you into that intense world. Rebecca is also one of the most enthusiastic commentator you will ever read- she believes in supporting the efforts of her fellow poets on PoemHunter.
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