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I'm suffering,
You do not understand
Frequent fear of living in pain
eating my brain everyday

I eventually won the disease lottery
Called 'Adult on-set Still's Disease'
I didn't want it, It just came
It came like a hurricane and

You have said to be sure to show loyalty to your Lord
Do not argue
Because you are our life's protector
You have said your creation will glorify the nature

I am sorry if i remind you of unthinkable tragedy of 9/11
Where 3000 people were killed by Islamic hijackers
I am sorry if i remind you of Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad
Who had an open fire on an army recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas

Oh My love-
I walked on the same road you walked on
I realized,
My feeling was right

Don't go down under the ground
The wind whispers to me
You are in jeopardy!
I can see your way through my tears

I was standing in the gray section of my life
Overwhelmed, Extremely devastated
Hunting in search of light in a misleading life
I was then acting as a wild predator

My angel,
At first, let me kiss on your hand
To show my admiration, respect and adoration to you
For being kind to me

I said, can I walk?
You smile and raise your hand
I said again, can I walk?
Now you cuddled me

I don't understand why can't you see
what you are doing is just yelling at me
Open your eyes and take a clear look
You used to read me often like a book


I can't see anyone anywhere
The tremble of heart, fire inside the eyes
Wide thorax covers with compassionate crops,
Where cherry blossoms decorated side by side;

Anders Breivik, Stephen Paddock
Where aren't they?
This country, that country
Between you, between me

I promise you that
I will never forget you
Even I am turning into blue
I promise you that

Memories of my mind slowly fading
Vanishing from sight
Death is sneaking around me i can hear
I can see the shadow getting longer to longest

When you see this letter,
I might be in sleep forever
But don't bother to feel alone
I will be always there for you

I see her everyday
Walk on the lonely path
She laughs at the face of softness and wave hands
Sometimes touch the chest firmly

She was dying gurgling the life out of her
She saw the shadow creeping in to her door;
saying " you are an Idiot"!
She endeavor to speak up; remain worthless

Some people look out the window
While nature transformed in to a dreamland with greens
Some people see the transparent blue sky
covers with clouds

While loving touches in the spring of orchard
Dead mind wakes up with thirst
as golden sun
And, all cleared ice lying on the chest,

Our illuminated Aleya
who creates an artistic image;
takes on a poetic dimension.
She knew how to perceive the material of senses;

HB Rita Biography

HB Rita, ancestors Narsingdi, Bangladesh achieved higher education at Touro College and University in New York. HB Rita has been involved in New York City public school teaching for 14years. She is also a well-known Community based journalist, writer, columnist and poet in New York and Bangladesh. She has been already published Six books of poetry and one Novel. Her books list- Mownota -2014 Kobita Tumi Vobitobbo Koshter Proticchobi-2016 Dokkho Joler Lohori-2017 Roktakkto Nil-2018 Binu-2019 Jonakir Dakbaksho -2021 Birds of Paradise -2021 The realistic imagery of daily life struggle, love and resentment, estrangement, social harmony, caste discrimination, women rights, equality is noticeable in her poems and writing. Protesting voices in the development of society and educating children and parenting information are the subject of her writhing. The life observing poet, who scrutinized every moves in her life runs two of her poetry writing websites- www.hbrita.com www.kabbo-kobita.com Since 2014, she has been running a non-profit organization called 'Thinking the Humanity' (thinkingthehumanity.com) to provide medical treatment and unique financial support to the destitute in Bangladesh. Currently this poet is living in Queens, New York!)

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I'm suffering,
You do not understand
Frequent fear of living in pain
eating my brain everyday
I do not know what the future has set for me
I do not know how tomorrow's morning will be like,
I do not know what a day is without pain
How will my bill be paid, uncertain?
Am I losing my physical capacity?
I do not even know
The journey in uncertain darkness increasing my pain levels
No one understand how I am living with pain everyday....
Neither you.

I am shouting with fear
I do not think anyone is listening
I feel I do not have any friends
All the family members have abandoned me
Even the doctors were exhausted changing the medicines
They say, it's working
You say, this is all in your mind
Stand up, walk and run
You don't understand where I'm stuck
You will never understand
I am constantly screaming with pain
I am living in a terrible nightmare.

You do not believe that
I am the one who can only measure the depth of pain
Look at me
Listen to me
I am a poor girl turning in to blue in severe pain
Thinking of uncertain recovery, mental disorder is vulnerable
I know there is no way to cure this pain
I also know that there could be a horrific ending for me
Nevertheless, I want you to give me assurance of being who i am
I want you to reward me
Because I'm brave, I am a warrior
I welcome a new morning every day living with pain
Rush to serve the family in the kitchen
Wash the dirty dish bowls
Keep them comfortable
I do everything with intolerable pain
I do not leave anything for later.

You say steroids, morphine will jump me to sleep
You do not agree that every night I'm tired of sleeping down my sleeves
I go back to nostalgia
I think, who was I one day?
I can not match myself today
I feel helpless
I steam so loud and realize
The pain slowly drilled into me, all the way inside
I call on God
I say, O God! Why me? Why it is only me?
He remained unaffected as usual
Therefore, again I fall a sleep in a mutual understanding with pain
The next morning, you judge me wrong looking at my smily face
Because you are not aware of the nightmare i just had
You really do not understand;
I spend every night in fear
Carrying the horrible pain in my body everyday,
I realize, the smell of the human body is disappearing....

HB Rita Comments

Rajnish Manga 01 April 2019

So kind of you for reading and appreciating my poem. It would be a pleasure to read your poems. Thanks and good wishes.

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HB Rita Quotes

Life is a constant journey of struggle. We struggle, we learned. There is nothing to lose besides we give up______

You can live with a person years after years yet you might not know the person appropriately. Again, you might feel a person completely with your heart even you do not live with the person for a day! Connections are made with the invisible heart, not with physical appearance.

We often make erroneous assumptions that life is to be happy. We do not perceive that life is not just to be happy, it is to be useful and honorable that bring the happiness in our life. __

I remain silent on your action doesn't mean that I am stupid. I am silent because I was not taught how to react to a a grubby face.

Without obstacles in life, we might not know exactly the true meaning of our existence. people who successfully overcome obstacles cultivate a disciplined and happy life. ____

The greatest obstacle in our life is not the bad times or circumstances. It is the illusion of knowledge. ____

I was struggling all my life not for my living but to fulfill my duties. I struggled and I developed. I struggled and I made progress. All my super power strength came from struggle. ___

You are born with an unique specialty, everybody does. Dig it out and play with your destiny. Let's see who wins!

Ability, Motivation, Attitude determines who you are. _____m

If you want to see the best in tomorrow, then don't just hope rather do it today. ___

As we stand our head up, we see no dirt in our shoes. As we bent down, we see the dirt sticking on our shoes that need to be clean.

The purpose of our life is to be compassionate to others and give out our best to them.

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