Sentenced To Death Poem by Adrian Cox

Sentenced To Death

Rating: 5.0

Hanged from the gallows
of creative writing.
Swinging from the gibbet
of sentence construction.

With grammar that stands
on the essence of her voice,
the alphabet hung as a necklace
around the vocality of her wordy neck.

She'd wanted to
swallow all the letters
in quick succession
punctuation as well,

but that would have been suicide.

Pranab K Chakraborty 17 April 2011

Nice and very nice the illustration of disliking in the field of creativity. Perhaps todays poetry is for silent reading of a lonely reader. Not for listening, but sometimes the reverse dominates the situation. Poet stands alone the other part of a long string to find the identity. Again I feel its a nice piece of work. Regards pranab k chakraborty

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Ruth Walters 12 July 2009

oh yes Adi, I see what you mean: -) It's an interesting concept and one which could win a poetry competition I reckon....who knows, I could be wrong? Ruthy

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but that would have been suicide. marvalous piece of writing so beautiful poem with hidden message.... good work i mist appricaite it....10 read mine.. firing squadd......thougts.... butterflies aroun d and inflamed mind

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Catrina Heart 06 July 2009

Sentenced to death in poetry or creative writing.........nice unique theme..........10

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Adrian Cox

Adrian Cox

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