*****-* Set Your Soul Soaring.... Poem by Shelley L Baxter

*****-* Set Your Soul Soaring....

Rating: 2.7

I know now, how it can be,
that even before death,
the soul can soar free.
Free, like the wind,
above towering trees,
happy and content in
the knowledge to just be.
When you know your
purpose as it unfolds,
there is nothing like
the power that haunts
you...from the unknown.
To peek at your future,
having faith it will come true.
Living now as though...
that day has surfaced,
for me and for you.
Go now soul! Be peaceful!
Float free...For this
day is upon you now,
simply because,
you chose to not let
your inhibitions jail you...and
you set your ship out to sea.

Written April 26th 2008

David Desantis 30 April 2008

very beautiful ideas...set your soul free, don't be tied down, let go before death...i really like the poem and subject matter...this is the first time i've checked out your work, but i will definately have to check out more

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Dr.subhendu Kar 29 April 2008

soul when immaterially, immortal heaven born the soul eternal blazes glory of God when sours high even beyond the eyes of world yet heavenward diffusing light each and all adding virtues to virtues knowledge to knowldge yet it gives strength to srtenth by the redemption when carries amazingly around the shining glow agreeable to all that ambitions natural to the mind when setting free by the gleams of love when flows ...................the glittering philosophy when resourced from within still enlightens the sorrows by the accession love when seems to be her the glimpses of god within, great write yet unequalled by the distinction, it deserves 10+, thanks for sharing

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~A Little Blue Bird~ 27 April 2008

Wow...I feel released & free! ! Very easing poem

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