She Can Be Revived. Poem by Zotena Moses

She Can Be Revived.

Nigeria, our fatherland,

Like I've always read,

Ancient and great land,

A place I call home,

Where many refers to as their own,

Africa's most populous country,

With less chance of unity&stability,

Forty-eight million estimated as her population,

Dwelling with her uncertain situation,

I read about these and start to cry,

When will she attain victory,

What pity we've brought upon ourselves,

Many wonder is she survived,

Many hope she will be revived,

To me she is unique,

But some never thought of her physique,

A nation with two hundred and fifty tribal groups,

But her strength is like the loops,

Some asked if she'll remain a single entity,

While we've overlooked her ability,

All we need to do is to shoe affection,

Reach an agreement on a new basis for association,

Then we will overcome hatred,

Peace will reign in her kindred,

Days of hunger will be forgotten,

And she'll leave the land of the forgotten,

War will be far from us,

Then peace will abide with us.

God bless Nigeria.

Thursday, July 21, 2016
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Bri Edwards 06 September 2016

Dwelling with her uncertain situation, the speaker/I or the population doing the dwelling? i would tend to use Dwelling upon/on her uncertain situation, Many wonder is she survived, you mean 'Many wonder if she will survive'..........hmm? you ARE the poet. i am but the reader, so perhaps you know better than i what you wish/mean to say. :) :) All we need to do is to shoe affection, .............shoe or show? ? affection to whom? i wonder, on rare occasions, how the people of the world (many at least) manage to do so well at surviving. but i suppose many do not do much more than survive. their lives may be more negative than positive. and if that is true, i wonder why more people don't kill themselves. maybe some turn to killing others instead of themselves, in pursuit of a better life? 250 tribal groups! holy cow! ('slang exclamation' showing surprise/astonishment) . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i do not believe in God, though i did until around your age. God (the belief in it) can serve a very useful purpose, if only to give hope to some. but, if there really is a God, and God really 'loves' mankind ['made in His own image so the bible says], why does He/She/It allow so much suffering? and i don't want to hear sin or a test of faith or God moves in mysterious ways! ! ! but good luck with your poetry, and good luck to Nigeria, and welcome to PoemHunter. bri :)

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