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She's Losing Her Faith

Rating: 2.8

She lies alone upon her bed
With a million thoughts
Running through her head
She blames herself for everything
Its all her fault, even though
She knows deep down inside
Beneath all the tears and the lies
That its not her fault

You cant imagine all the pain

She feels, and you cant imagine
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Jennifer S 20 July 2006

kate, very engaging, i almost feel as if i am her as i read this. beautiful. excellent start.

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T S 18 September 2009

Having read this again.... It is a remarkable poem and one so many of us at sometme in our lives can relate to... Who we are in the inside is not how it appears on the oustside.... Complexed human science 10 +++++++=

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T S 13 April 2009

A sad write but well written and emotional 10 +++

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Tanya Stanford 01 September 2008

wow. very dramatic and sad. I could picture the whole scene. Good use of words.

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Iva Wells 18 August 2006

sad and haunting but good and keep up the good work i agree with Jon Lloyd is there more cause it looks like this poem has more to it

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Jon Lloyd 21 July 2006

Beautiful, sad, haunting. Is there more?

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