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Sheer Madness Of The Young Phenomenon - Poem by Compton Wright

Life still goes on for the young poet after his problems of life like
His problems of his father, or from his frustrations from school rumors
Or what it from his confrontation of his love triangle déjà vu as
He sees it everyday in his dreams haunting him for his mistakes
As seeing the ghosts of my ex lovers whispering in my ear to come

To come nearer, to come love them but yet I failed them or maybe
The other way around as god only knows when the nightmares will
End or calm the storm of my forbidden thoughts in my poetry as I’ll
Never to show anger or hatred but god forgives me as I had to break
The promise as almost making ten poems about hating my father as
It made me bitter and ugly from within so I started to make positive
And emptying my pain towards my heart shattering poems to others

My thoughts of suicide are psychotic as it makes me think deeper….
Am I really scarred by my emotional state of seeing others as demons?
Or my sheer imaginations of seeing several worlds expressing different
Actions of emotions and cultures towards each other but yet doesn’t show
Any anarchy or chaos in the same time…strange as these are my thoughts
Travels of different aspects of time, emotions, or even show my inner desires

But I just guess that’s my mind racing to salvation or better yet striving for
More creativity, more visuals, and more imagery through sheer mere words
But here we are now as poetry has excelled but by music, vocal and writings….
But the madness still runs deep in my soul from seeing dead souls floating
Towards my eyes as I’m thinking this is a message that I’m facing death soon
But yet I look at the blue skies to the heavens as if I see hope but what if I’m wrong
And I might fall deep in a bottomless pit of black ash which lays the ashes
Of my fallen lovers hearts as they turn to dust from waiting for true love

Now I’m thinking that I lost my sights of reality and fantasy or maybe between
But maybe I’m stretching my mind of believing a new world aspect of opportunity
To never feel failure near or closing into my prospective of poetry and life as well
But to really embrace my thoughts in a visual to others to actually understand
But yet….people might think I’m an unstable teenagers with a white jacket that
Hugs myself inside a padded room eating multicolor pills but I guess that’s
My madness talking the nonsense or maybe my logic is too complex to really
Comprehend for the moment but soon you’ll understand me as a person if you
You look through my madness and my thoughts of my beliefs of life in my words
And hopefully this might maybe my uprising to a new change or to my downfall…..

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 8, 2010

Poem Edited: Sunday, February 21, 2010

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