Shining Of The Fallen Stars Of Sky Poem by Rhymer Rhymer

Shining Of The Fallen Stars Of Sky

"On the Last Day of Judgement suchpeople should be brought to Allh whose chest and right hand could be shinning by light, they would be told, good news is for you today, peace be upon you, welfare be upon you, You enter the Jannat forever"

Seeing such kind of Love of Allah
Jealous would grow in the Messengers and Prophets!

Listening to this the sahabah asked:
"Oh Rasul SM, who are they? "
Muhammad sallal lahu alaihi wah sallam(SM) :
"They are not from the Messengers or Prophets, they are not from you,
But you are my companions and they are my friends!
They would come much later age then you!
They will find the HOLY QURAN rejected from the society
And my sunnah(fashion) dead!
They will grab the holy Quran and my sun-nah tightly and make their rebirth!
They would study them and teach people of them
To materialize the rebirth, they will suffer tortures much deadly than you did
In real sense, faith of one of them would be equal to 40 of you
One martyr of them would be equal to 40 martyrs of you
As you got a helper(Rasul of Allah) on the way of truth but they would not get any
In each place they would be surrounded by atrocious rulers
And they would take seat at around the masjid of BAITUL MUKKADUS
For them Allah would send HELP and they would see the glory of the VICTORY
" Then He SM pleaded to Allah, Oh Allah send help for them, In the Jannat take them as my heartiest friends! "

Rhymer Rhymer

Rhymer Rhymer

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