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Silicate Syndrome Rubaiyat - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Seagull spirit soars above wide screen
Impressions individual, seldom seen,
Lofty thoughts caught in symbolic net,
ICArus soaring, wax unmelted scene.
Soul keen keys multi-modal meanings green,
Ice hoar, grey-bearded, harvests facts few glean,
LIke, unlike compares, dare hedge no bet,
CAndle holds to render secrets clean.

Sin, virtue, truth, false, helix paradigm,
Id and ego's everlasting climb,
Loss and gain, retained as ethic's anchor,
Inherit building blocks. Primordial slime.
CArbon based with [f]oxy Jekyll hyde,
SIsyphus and Tantalus abide
LIght-sleeping yet day-dreaming till demise
CArries forward balance-sheet belied.

Silicate, slight sliver grey-silver slate,
Impermanence man's emblem, love and hate
Last but a blink, first cry to final breath,
Intestate hang by thread, birth, berth's small state.
CApture's, conquest's, spinning weel the Norms
SIlk work, weave waft and weft, whose frame deforms
LIght-hearted, grave, both coward, brave soon sleep,
CAre not for what may be, tomorrow's storms.

Slate soon is wiped, root, fruit ripe wilt spoiled rotten,
Intents and purposes, strong-willed, forgotten,
Lathe-turned pot's bolt shot, wraith spurned sinks from sight,
Innocence spilt, guilt cense, both unbegotten.
CAp doffed capitulation and aggression
SIze and small-talk, walk, run, leap, steep, depression,
LIly livers, sore spleen, vim, verve, raw nerve
CAve in, soon sleep, before scored Time's oppression.

Self-perpetuating syndrome seeks
Internal logic which rich sound sense speaks,
Logic egocentric spins sprung top
Ignoring contradictions, ship that leaks.
Caught in maze matrix mortals justify
SIgnificance of dominance ‘neath sky,
LIst their priorities while Nature mocks
CAprice as oceans rise while wells run dry.

See on life's chequerboard of dames and knights
Inane vain critics wrong song poet writes,
Long lacking w[r]it move on from point to point
In chase of name for fame the flaming wights!
CAn moving finger check mate game's displays
SIng on with w[h]ine flask, bread and lisping lays
LIfe spend sans end with epigrams to tease
CAuse and Effect with well sustainèd blaze?

Single-minded and autonomous,
Inhibited, frustrate anonymous,
Locked, cuffed, straightjacket tied, both far and wide
Idealistic driven, infamous,
Careworn, carefree, heretic or saint,
SIren seductive, bright spark, glimmer faint,
Limping, wimping, whimpering or hale,
CArouse and carousel flake pristine paint.

Society seems patterned compromise
Implicit where trust seldom counters lies,
Libido, ambition, mingle, wrangle,
Initiatives once strong soon paralyze.
CAlculations savvy or mistaken,
SIlo full where greed takes home the bacon,
LIce infested, ashes, crust, endowed,
CAmpfire dowsed ends journey undertaken.

Sexploitation's often orthodoxy,
Innovation countered or by proxy
Licit where it bolsters up régime
Inept, swept up in contradictions poxy.
CAlm seems exception to the human rule,
SIck sense of self scorns others, styled as fool,
LIcit and illicit seem defined
CAse by case, with justice stretched as tool.

Strange range rich rhesus pieces, mice and men
Intent upon survival, city zen,
Lout, country bumpkin, slippered pantaloon,
Ironic interplays, time and again
CAll out for explanations: how, why, when,
SIgnification seek threescore and ten,
LInger, fingers' crooked gesticulations
CAncelled check rejected: and then?

Some take as god the fickle Lady Luck,
Imagine Spanish castles, come unstuck,
Look not before life's leap then blame fell chance
If game's not won, they try to pass the buck.
Calypso serenade spurt spur advance,
SIdeways some scuttle, subtle pincer dance,
LIdless eyes seek opportunities
Caress great expectations blessed by Chance.

Should time well spent invent kaleidoscope
In hand expand verse band, collide? O scope!
Let no crimes in my name be here engraved
If once ground down, dug up again sounds dope!
CApacity conundrum from abyss
SIghs upwards with a timeless Kismet kiss,
LInks through the quintessential to prepare
CAse study never muddy, bearing bliss.

Slips startled here from superficial gear
Insist from shallows rise to high idea
Lief soar to skies song sonorous, scarce leave
Intact trite piffle peddled on deaf ear.
CAter not unto the crowds that throng
SIft out spare dross, their loss and not your wrong,
LIght shines as wave vibration penetrates,
CAsts nets which fish with strokes surprising strong.

Stage after stage each inks his page or blots
Insidiously life's book, forget-me-nots
Last rarely, fairly drawn, graffiti torn
Impressions swiftly sink, nor sage, nor sots
CAn be reclaimed from orphan D.N.A.
SIgnals send with no real-time delay,
LIft miracles to commonplace events,
CAnvas dark convert to light of day.

Stage after stage uncoils to serpentine
Inside and out, shoot wide, about turn sign,
Late or early pearly gate appears
Idyll idiotic, tenuous twine.
CAncer or senility? venom vine
SIght closes, quite imposes mortal mine,
LIp service paid to idol, sect, or profit king
CAn't catalyze soiled genes to recombine.

Since, shadow-shapes, we flitter for a space,
Invisible to most, leave little trace
Lasting on environments where change
Is both ends, means, chased way, waste play, disgrace,
CAmeleon each cleaves to flesh and bone,
SImple or complicated, yet alone,
LIstening for some acknowledgement:
CAution to the winds had best be thrown.

Sight is reclaimed, as eyes inflamed surmise
Insight is gleamed, well streamed despite disguise,
Lifting veils beyond which so few see,
Incandescence in a subtle guise.
CApture rapture, for once race is run
SItuation shadow shape and sun
LIttle difference know, so grow to flow,
CAre not for shade when end is light begun.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(19 March 2009)

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