Simple Love Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Simple Love

Listen caramel what is growing is so true

Let it flow until it overflows

You make me cry in pain

You make me smile in chains

My love for you serves like a maid

You stole my heart and killed it like Cain

Girl, folly and your desire is my world

I am in silly love for a cute strawberry

I lustfully want to eat her cherry

With you my care I feel cheery

I do want you, I love you dearly

Please pretty lady! All I need is passionately you

Stop fighting love and let love fight for you

A beautiful waterfall of chocolate syrup

A river of honey of shining gold

The rain of crystal flakes of bright yellow stones

Diamonds framing a garden of ruby roses

A beauty of jazzy sapphires, your adoration I admire

Sweet lady please rest and just let me love you

My rocks are banging, you created in me a blazing fire

Stop begging for love and let love beg for you

You sing, my heart starts with the chorus

You laughter is my only extravagant melody

My heart is your diary therefore is free to be read

Together things can be changed into reality

Seeing you next to me in the morning

Gawking and merging in adoration, our love is beginning

Gorgeous woman, with you I am a better man

It is true that I am in love with you, I am you!

Stop chasing after love when love have already found you

CHRIST your FATHER is love and HE dwells in you

Live by your name and be victorious in all beauty

Stop rejecting love for real love is like an optical art

I tell you darling surely I am in love with you

I cannot give up on what I feel for you

Love is not a toy nor a game of hell of no joy

Love is sacrifice in all and profit in none

Love is CHRIST and peace but also great in least

Malaya Roses 11 January 2011

Stop fighting love and let love fight for you... Central idea about love that pure love will stand all pain bear all hardship for us. Love will enlighten the faith more than ever! ! !

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The simplicity of His love, all we have to do is receive it! Another beautifully inspired write. Enjoyed the read! ; D

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