Shake And Wake Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Shake And Wake

We choose to lie to ourselves to amend for our mistakes
Destroying our souls in self righteousness we gain just the confusing ache
We need to rise up to the truth and be awake
HE forsook not but with our sins we always forsake
We kill and murder and never failed to take
Stop and realize why the earth cry and quakes
It’s an ultimate fight for the NWO, illuminati blind snake
The portals they opened, now the cage breaks
Demons and vultures and sin at rake
Fallen angels, lost weapon, the spiritual dive brake
Stop I hail for His Name’s Sake
The earth in tribulation as it is the bloody wake
Lake of fire scorching wild in its brutal lake
Stop laughing you paganism for this is not fake
Lovers of this world and its laws, sorry to say but the end is at stake
Run, scream, yell, and fight but after all devil betrays and your baked
The aftermath of a fatal catastrophe now they are crying lava cake
Your sins are stained on the book, the snake ate you, and demons made you their steak
They believe it is all myths and stories of morals but in a supernatural reality, a nasty flake
Be wise put your clothes on, research the truth and lose your nake
So seriously folks are we in deep sleep or ignorant to fact, just call us Blake
We live a merrimake, a life of bloody muckrakes
Stop and listen or get thrown to the volcanic milkshake
Never say, I told you so, and accept your opaque outtake

Lynn Glover 05 July 2010

A good write and equally in each poem that I have read you point out and dwell on the bad things man does to each other. Now try to tell them what they need for salvation and to be able the know that they are going to Heaven if they change their ways. God is Good. Lynn

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Ken E Hall 04 July 2010

You go over what everybody knows very deep true, but since time began man has sinned big time.... now suicide bombers....51 million deaths to get rid of Adolph Hitler...Ethnic religions carve each other up...Moral family life yes...don't know the answer but poetry is not one of them...kind regards

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 30 June 2010

Again, Gregory you write interesting religious poems.' we choose to lie to ourselves to amend for our mistakes/destroying our souls in self righteousness'. I'm going to simplify the narrator's aforementioned verses: for 'self' to be 'righteous all other selves have to be worng. Seems to me logic does not fit into this fact. therefore, any statement that has no logic, then is it fair to believe that it's merely a myths or legends that has been sited for thousands of years and no one is alive to refute its reality or truth.Thanks for inviting me to read your amazing poem that is that explains and point out the significance of living a moral and religious life.

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Great poem my friend. Self righteousness is a killer..births, pride, arrogrance to name a few. Another inspired write. All of creation groans for the sons of God to be revealed.

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Malaya Roses 15 June 2010

regret, sel-forgivesness and mend to be better is the right path to take but sometimes sorrow and grief will took all our empathy and we become hallow. can't feel the pain, hurt, love nor mercy. Hope to find light and angels shall whispers into the mind, to wake and fight to be HUMAN again. Nice poem and reminder to those who betray essence of kindness in human; MORAL AND VALUE. good work.

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