Sing My Mother's Lullaby Poem by Cena Rose

Sing My Mother's Lullaby

Rating: 5.0

Fly away
Oh sweet and bashful bird
Twerp in my ear
Singing my Mother’s lullaby

Did you hear the song
My mother sang me to sleep?
Or is it nature’s call
To still your beating heart?

As it did, while my eyes blinked sleep
And my lips hummed the tune
Perhaps outside you skipped
Learning, while ruffling young feathers

Or maybe it was your mother
Who sang the Mother’s lullaby
And now you sing, puzzled
At my fast beating heart

Your head tilts oh so slowly
Eyes on my shaking fingers
You can see what I have
... A treat, for you or me?

Placed down, besides greening buds
And sweeping bees with honey round nectar
Be still my heart -please
So you can sing to me again

I walk away, to sit on dirt-ground steps
And sun-lit green bows
While you preen and prim up
For the silver builder beside you

The sun falls slightly
And I gasp, you watch me while eating My treat
Not too close, you eat; he joins you
And you sing, oh you sing.

Scarlet Romantika 02 March 2009

Very beautiful lullabye. I know you enjoy the memories.10

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Yasser Koor 01 March 2009

wow nice words it remember me in my childehood i don't know but it is little funny too cheers

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