Sins To Pardon Poem by soren Barrett

Sins To Pardon

Rating: 5.0

When all the water is drained from this lump of clay,
when the last sunbeam from my eyes has faded away,
when the final glow of hope has turned to ash,
and those I thought friends have loosed the lash,

how can I stand on this earthly globe of sand?
Will you still be my friend, will you take my hand?
Will anyone remember me in time's murky mist
or will I be lost in the west wind and world triste?

How can I forget those dreams that we shared?
Are they lost, forever gone, have you not cared?
The light of memory through the prism of clear emotion,
in white, you saw yellow desertion, I saw true blue devotion.

Where can I feel safe and that I belong?
Without sun light, in eternal night, how can I feel strong?
Where you might see in me a shadow's misery,
my blinded eyes will remember your beauty.

Guide me home to where we began,
back in fields of gold, before our time ran.
Take me back to the innocence of Eden's garden,
before the fruit of knowledge left us with sins to pardon.

David Wood 20 May 2023

Excellent poem with great imagery, a joy to read.

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