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Sita -1 - Poem by ramesh rai

the only lonely lady
on Indian screen
the Princess of Janak
and to be the Queen of Ayodhyaya
but never enjoyed the throne
suffered throughout of her life
as a lass she was brave

One day Raja Janak saw her
cleaning the worship place
lifting the bow of Lord Shiva
amazed he was

He vowed
his beloved daughter
would be married to that only
who can lift the bow of Lord Shiva
King Janak called a Swayamvar
to break the bow
and get married with the beloved daughter

All king and brave attended
Alas! all failed to lift the bow
Ram and Lakshaman, the twin prince of Ayodhyaya
also accompanied with Vishwamitra
King was amazed and fall in deep grief
and declared there is no brave on earth
this agony reached Lakshman as thundering
he accepted the challenge
but he could not marry
till his elder is not married
so, he requested his brother
to go ahead, and lift the bow
Rama lift the bow of Lord Shiva
accidentally it was broken
married Sita, the princess of Raja Janak

Now her misfortune started
as Sita with Rama and Lakshman
reached Ayodhyaya
the dispute for next heir of Ayodhyaya
was in race

Kaikeyee, one of the queen of Raja Dashrath
the King of Ayodhyay
once took two pledges from the King
now it was the perfect time
to fulfill the pledges
The queen asked the King
to fulfill the promises
First was exile to Rama, the step son
for fourteen years
second throne to Bharat
her own son.

King became faint
to listen the pledges
yet he had to fulfill the promises
Bharat also opposed the decision
made by her own mother
but in vain.

Rama accepted the decision lowly
and prepared for his exile
but Lakshman was not leave his bosom brother
for this he sacrificed his newly bride Urmila

Sita had also vowed
to be always with her husband
through out her life
Sita also went on exile with
Rama and Lakshman
leaving the king's palace
of her father-in-law

She spent her fourteen years
with her husband and brother-in-law
lived in a leaf cottage
in the deepest forest

Once again the misfortune came to Sita
one day she saw a magical golden deer
loitering before here leaf cottage
she prayed Rama, the husband
to bring the magical golden deer

Rama asked Lakshman to protect
Sita in the leaf cottage
and ran behind the magical golden deer
the deer was fast, a satan in guise of deer
followed by the order of Ravana
a highly learned well accompalished
and brave tyrant king of Lanka
to do so as per planning of Ravana

Lastly Rama shoot an arrow from his bow
and hit the magical deer
Marich, the order courier of Ravana
as the arrow hit the deer
cried for brother Lakshman
Sita became nervous to think
if some incidence happened to Rama
she requested the brother-in-law Lakshman
to see his brother
After repeated insist by Sita
Lakshman sketched the Lakshman Rekha
the line who cross it
would burn to ashes
and left the cottage
to see his brother,

In the mean time
Ravana came to cottage
in the guise of a sage
a priestly beggar
and asked for alms to Sita

Ravana knew
if he crossed the line
would burn to ashes
but was not agreed to take alms
from within the protected area
Sita crossed the line
in honour of the priestly sage
to give alms
But what was lotted to her
Ravana kidnapped her and
took her to Lanka
to his palace
forced her to marry him
but she was beloved of Rama
at no cost, despite of a lot of torturing
she did not accept Ravana
lastly Rama had to fight with Ravana
and made a triumph on Lanka
with the help of monkey army
Ravana was killed by Rama
On vijaya dashmi, this day
fourteen years exile was also completed

Sita with Rama and Lakshman
came back to Ayodhyaya
to the palace
King Dashrath already expired
fourteen years back
in the grief of his beloved son
went on exile
Bharat never sat on the throne
instead kept the sandal of Rama
on the throne
and managed the state
sitting on the floor

Rama was gladly announced
as King of Ayodhyay
at the request of Bharat
Sita became the queen of Ayodhyay

the misfortune again did not leave her
to enjoy the rest of life
because what was lotted by God
could not be blotted

One fine morning
a message came to Rama
a washerman rebuked his wife
alleging her to be corrupt
and did not compare himself with Rama
who allowed Sita to be with him
despite of being returned from Ravana's hand

In the honour of his state
law and order for the sake of people
Rama ordered his beloved wife Sita
to leave the Palace
and go away beyond the boundary of the state

Lakshman was ordered to make the chariot ready
to leave Sita alone in the deep forest
beyond the boundary of Ayodhyaya State

Lakshman, the beloved brother-in-law of Sita
also opposed the decision of Rama
but failure,
it was the decision of a king
not a brother
he had to obey
and obeyed
left Sita alone in the forest
wept bitterly for his beloved sister-in-law
on her fate

Now in Palace Rama worked during days
for his state and for the people
as being the king and every night
he spend his night weeping bitterly
for his beloved wife sita.

Topic(s) of this poem: epical

Form: Epic

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