A Special Gift Poem by ramesh rai

A Special Gift

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God has given you
a special gift
that is love
you can take love
and give love
if you love your country
the country is your friend
if you love the world
the world is your friend
if you love the universe
the universe is your friend
if you love the creation
God is your friend
Because God exists
in every particle of his creation
the best way to love
is not to hurt
what you love

Siyabonga A Nxumalo 09 February 2012

Is not to hurt what you love. My friend these are big words, how can you hurt what you love, really? If you love something you cherish it, you take a good care of it...thanks for sharing this beautiful poem..

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Vipins Puthooran 08 February 2012

love is a cosmic truth/great poem! ! ! !

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Dave Walker 08 February 2012

A so true poem, really like it. A fantastic poem.

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Broken Shell 08 February 2012

Thank you for the special gift of this poem.

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Rekha Mandagere 17 February 2012

Never hurt the person who loves you. Save love, save life.We often pain the persons who love us deeply. Let us not hurt from now onwards taking inspiration from this great words.

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Akhtar Jawad 05 August 2014

Yes life is colorful due to love, for the love we live for the love we die. A great message in a beautiful poem.

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Anita Trivedi 02 October 2013

it's lovely... Again with good message of love..

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Geetha Jayakumar 19 August 2013

Wow. Wonderful poem..A great message... Loved reading it.

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Heather Wilkins 14 June 2013

love embraces love. this is a fact. A lot of good thoughts are built in this poem

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Joe Breunig 21 November 2012

A lovely piece with great sentiment; it's such a simple message to heed, yet mankind still fails to do it - that's why we need the presence of God in our lives; wonderfully message. -Joe Breunig Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory A Journey Of... Poetic Purpose

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