Sixth Sense Comfort...... Part 2 Poem by mithilesh yadav

Sixth Sense Comfort...... Part 2

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Idol of women in our country is mother,
Real essence of womanhood is mother,
Loving is mother,
Caring is mother.

We even refer our god as mother,
A new earth creator is mother,
A life giver is mother,
First teacher is mother.

Our sisters will one day become a mother,
Our daughters one day will become a mother,
Our friends our neighbours, every blessed women one day become mother,
Who deserves world's top position is a mother,
Every woman we see, she has in herself a mother ….

Oh! Great sons of father and guru like Shri Ramakrishna
Respect every woman like your own mother
Oh! Great sons of someone you love the most and for whom you are beloved then Krishna
Respect every woman like your own mother

It's your duty to be polite and humble
To treat and care every other women as mother
It's your right to be respected and being loved
Earn that from the world's biggest giver the mother

Love is something one should prove that he deserves that,
And sure every men will get there deserved love with blessings of his mother
Lust and minute burst could never replace "love"
Only eternal love though could never completely but to an extent can take the place of MOTHER.
And that eternal love is possible only from someone whom your sons proudly can refer their MOTHER.

Geetha Jayakumar 29 July 2016

Wow..Simply Beautiful. A lovely tribute to all mothers and women. Loved reading it.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 16 February 2016

yes moms r true as say u but without a father what alone a mother can do many will ask u so u must cover father by mother I think so rest is up to else of what use r u?

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Mithilesh Yadav 16 February 2016

Sorry dear u won't get the essence of the poem.... Read the below comments and conversation and understand if not pls send me a personal message will discuss with u..... Anyways thank for our reading and comment

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Akhtar Jawad 14 February 2016

I fully agree with you, a mother is a virtual image of God and you have nicely painted her image and haave made it real.

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Mithilesh Yadav 16 February 2016

Thank u sirji...

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Bharati Nayak 13 February 2016

Thank you for focusing o n a social issue that really need our attention.Women who form half of the population are really discriminated against and treated as second class citizens in many societies. In India they are discriminated even before taking birth, when in mother's womb, selective female foeticide results in decreasing female ratio.In t the holy scriptures of India, mother holds a very high position equal to God and supposed to be treated in high respect.But practically this is not so. .As mother is the first teacher, a woman's education is most important for a progressive society.All Governments should take care for girls'education, health care and economic upliftment.

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Mithilesh Yadav 16 February 2016

Your words are inspirational....... Special thank you for that

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Mithilesh Yadav 16 February 2016

Thanks mam ji

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Savita Tyagi 10 February 2016

Thoughtful poem. Everyone deserves respect and mothers certainly top that sentiment. That sense of respect should be developed in all. Your poem does a great service towards that cause. Thanks for sharing this great addition to your series.

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Mithilesh Yadav 10 February 2016

My pleasure mam......... Would like to thank you for that inspirational statement........ Thank you mamji

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