Sleepy Shores, Ride With Me...... Poem by Antonio Liao

Sleepy Shores, Ride With Me......

Rating: 5.0

my darling ….. in the dream i saw you, in the clouds I waited
you to fly; for the sky is too high for me, to seat above your
knee of your love

all comes in a setting journey, where the rainbow beneath the
shinning ray of the sun, gallops the beauty of your star, off
my feet in the high above i see

ride my dear darling, in the coolness of the day, tie your hands
and whisper in my ears, though it fall, promise you’ll still hold
me so dear, let us conquer the emptiness of the night and clamp
side by side until the sun subside in the sea indefinitely

come dear to me and ride with my flying carpet; gently take the
magic of each melody as it zoom in the sleepy shores I waited
you in the darkest night of the day

I can't wait but to stay, my dear one, I almost drown to myself,
for with you comes the beginning to believe that fate have just
fade, until I return my deep regret, leave me not and tell me that
after the end, worth leads to pay that you'll be home in the wind
as you wait for me

listen my trouble heart, and let thy soul rejuvenate as the
rumbling waves catches the mighty strength of the angry sea,
now as it nestled in the navel of the heart you always care

pick me up for in the waves cease the rain, wake me up and
always look with faith; I’ll be still holding the steering wheel as
the rudder goes the same …..

Kranthi Pothineni 28 August 2009

I went through the entire journey while reading. Well penned once again.

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Catrina Heart 17 August 2009

awesome imagery my friend...fantastic delivery of emotions...10+++

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 17 August 2009

fine imagery...beautiful flow of words and emotions....lovely poem

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