So Misbehaved! (Haha...I Think) Poem by God is Good

So Misbehaved! (Haha...I Think)

Uh-oh! ...
I've done it again!
Oh no! ...
I've let my bad side win.
I've gone out,
and gotten in some trouble.
Somebody said something wrong,
I had to burst their bubble.
They got in my face,
I felt my blood start to boil.
I grabbed'em by the hair,
and slammed their face in the soil!
So what,
yea it felt real good!
If only I could avoid the consequences! ...
I would if I could...
but I can't,
now I'm getting yelled at...
and when everbody's gone
I'll get smacked up real bad.
Awwww man..
then I'll get mad,
go right back out
and get in trouble again!

Ted Stevens 01 October 2009

Is's only bad if your caught, like my Dad used to say when I played football: 'it ain't a foul if the ref. don't call it! '

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William Breland 13 June 2009

wow sounds like me... lol! that was cool! a blast to the past.. ha ha ha ha getting into trouble aint so bad, as long as we don't stumble on our shoe laces.. lol.. keep up the work kiddo. enjoy life while you can, cause it goes fast when you are independant upon yerself... : -)

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