Font Color=fusiamy Dearest Little Ema ♥ Poem by God is Good

Font Color=fusiamy Dearest Little Ema ♥

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Dearest little Ema,
here you lay in my lap,
I'm looking down at you.
Your chubby little cheeks makes me smile,
You stare up at me, your big hazel eyes, searching mines.
Hoping for answers I've always looked for myself.
I take your dimpled hand in mine,
pressing your fingers to my lips.
A tear, forced from my heart, that's been ripped, and shattered
by every trusted person I've known.
My first tear in almost a decade, cried for you my little one.
Staring at you I see that you want to cry too... you need the release, but in your five years they've been drained from you.
Stolen along with your hope.
But fret not, for I have hope inside, and it all goes to you.
You hold onto me tight.
A hoarse sigh escaping you.
Before I know it, I'm pulling you to look me in the face and I say,
'Ema, I love you, ok? '
leaving myself out of breath, in disbelief....
You barely smile, but nod.
I smile...
It is possible to love someone and not love yourself.
It is possible for even the darkest of all to care.
And I do....
Now, something is boiling inside of me.
I'm feeling like our hiding spot, where we sit, isn't enough to keep us safe.
Throwing you behind me, I stand to protect you.
My little angel.
The one thing in this world I love, and I will do anything to
protect you Ema.
No one will hurt you again,
till I'm gone.


Awwwwww, this is sooo sweet LD! I love it. Your feelings and words in this are soo sincere... 'It is possible to love someone and not love yourself. It is possible for even the darkest af all to care. And I do....' yes, it is possible for you to love this little girl, 1.because you know she needs it, 2.because you aren't a dark person, ok? ... you're just stuck in a dark place.... which you will be free of very soon. maybe not as soon as needed or hoped for, but everything happens for a reason. just work with Him, He's got you there, and when He moves you, the wait will be worthwhile... take care. thanks for sharing.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 18 May 2009

Soft and tender piece.

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Wildan F Rabbani 22 May 2009

Take care your little Ema, as you take care of yourself powerful poem ^_^

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You have found it.... your light the light that will bring you back to life.... the light that will keep you from ever getting hurt again.... keep your light as safe as can be and you will be safe from the darkness of the world

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Ken E Hall 23 July 2010

Commendable..the lord is your sheppard and Emma's too..Godbless regards

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Sherri Coulter 23 September 2009

mmmm...yes it possible to love someone else more than yourself/or not yourself at all.......sometimes we have energy to give others that we want to be given to us by others........dearest little ema lovely in pink, your words make me sigh.....only if to be ema, I.......God is Good thank you 10

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Aditya Keerthi 13 June 2009

eet ees very marvellous

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Shashendra Amalshan 08 June 2009

hello sweeet friend this is a beautiful write indeed..and also very moving and v expressed your self well indeeeed..... beautiful, colourful write, enjoyed it very much....thanks for this one (thanks for your sweet comments on my poem too) .... see you with lots of love shan

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Me Myself And I... 05 June 2009

Such strong words written by someone, far beyond there years... An emotional write, non the less... MMI

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