Awkward Letter To Mother Poem by God is Good

Awkward Letter To Mother

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I know not your name,
nor your smile, or voice.

I know none of your thoughts,
or reasons,
or your choice.

You've made everything for me,
and i have to say it all sucks.

Then when I think of it,
there has to be a reason you brought me here.
I've heard stories of you,
and to my surprise you aren't as bad as everyone said you were....
as I thought you were.

You didn't want to be a cruel person, and abort me,
but you've abandoned me.
Why, I don't understand.
Foolish, you were not.
So, you owe me alot more than most moms owe their children.
I ask not of your love, because it's to late for that,
but I come to you for an explanation.

I will not scold you,
nor be rude in any manner.
But I do need some kind of closure.
After that I will be able to walk away and pretend that
I've never found you, and stalked your every movement.
I'll forget all about your other children that you went out and adopted, all to forget about me.
I'll forget about learning where i've come from, and just worry about getting away from where I am now.

But that doesn't mean I'll be able to ignore the you that flows through my veins.
The small signals, that you transport to my thoughhts...
most of all I'll never be able to erase the fact, that I don't hate you the way I want to,
and I've allways wanted to wish you a happy mother's day.


how can one hate the woman who's brought them in the world? you made it clear that though you want to hate her for leaving, and never being there, you can't. there's always something in a child, that makes them attatched to their mother. this poem conveys alot of unanswered questions, and wonders.. ones a child should never have to think/feel. ones that someday will be in the open for you to feel the relief that i'm sure you deserve, and has longed for. thanks for sharing, +10

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Pradnya P 06 December 2010

nice but too painful

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Shashendra Amalshan 08 June 2009

that is a lucky mom indeed.....beautiful composed mother's day card....i wish i ll get nice sweet father's day card from one of my sweet kid someday! ! ! lol guess there is no such day rite? ..anyway nice write...10+++ with lots of love shan

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Kat , sorrow 06 June 2009

This is a wonderful poem so much is put in to it, I could feel your pain just form reading thank you for sharing with us all. Kat, sorrow

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Me Myself And I... 05 June 2009

'and I've allways wanted to wish you a happy mother's day.' The words here are somthing you can alone can speak, I hope these words, can help you find peace, Another fine write.. MMI

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Rosalita Fernandez 31 May 2009

i hope you find closure to your many questions, well writen and strong well done for what im sure was a hard poem to write.

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