Saddly Untitled* Poem by God is Good

Saddly Untitled*

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home is heaven,
heaven is with you.
to be held in your arms
anything i'd do.
i hate that i feel this way
i wish i could pretend
wish i could erease the thought
of you being more than a friend.
wish i could acceot the fact
that it'd never ahppen this way.
i'd rather be the way i was before,
that feeling numb everyday.
at least then there was no hurt,
or none i couldn't ignore.
but being in love is a whole lot harder,
something i'd never felt before.
my heart heavy with pain
my eyes ith tears they sting
i hate everyday i'm forced to love you
without you knowing the pain you bring.
not intentionally do you do so
being perfect isn't possible with practice.
and if you weren't so amazingly perfect
there's no way i'd be feeling this.
in other words, i know you don't try to hurt me
but you're just so easy to adore.
just the thought of you makes me smile....
but i can't help wishing for more.

Patch Work 11 September 2009

Thank You :) Thank You :)

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Evaughn Gray 11 September 2009

I do agree deeply with Les on this. this poem will and already has touched the hearts of others... This is a very beautiful deep sad type poem that i truly enjoyed. Keep writing and i'll keep reading. ~ Hazel G.E

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Not one, not one is perfect.. this is touching... very touching....

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