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Solution To Communalism - Poem by Nasarudheen.P. Parameswaran

Communalism is the feel of a sect in society that it has or it needs special privilege.It is exhibited by slogans, striking actions, allegations on other communities in the nation. Its thought will be always negative and approach to issues prejudiced. So this sort of biased activity on communal spirit becomes detrimental to a democratic society. Even class struggle and its demand for war against the “haves”(the rich) by the “have nots “(the poor) is also a kind of violence based and biased communalism. These religious or political groups speak of “Might is right “theory and “survival of the fittest”. They are fond of only achievements in material life and neglect the spiritual side. Spiritualism is purely personal and a mask for them. They stir up communal spirit to make vote banks and conversion to their respective groups only to make strength to fight not to make peace..
Wars of the Crosses fought between the European Christianity against the Turkey Muslim rulers made a polarization among people of Eurasia. When the waves of them touched the Indian shores, though we welcomed them as good friends, their aim was to establish their competitive fanatic spirit in society. Their prime motive was to amass wealth from India and lead a luxurious life in England or France, Portuguese, Denmark, or Afghanistan in their respective native land. For economic growth, they used political authority. This is what the imperialist countries do in this world even today. Their prime effort was to exploit the Indian wealth. Therefore to establish their hegemony they employed their technique of either instigating division in native states or invaded them. Communal spirit was one highly inflammable spirit these ruling class irrespective of nature of rulers: monarchy, despotic or democratic, cunningly employ to achieve their target.
What is the panacea for this menace? Politicians can be nationalists. But aggressive nationalism will cause destruction of the nation as we found in the suicidal nationalism fostered by Nazi- Germany under Adolf Hitler. Its competitive and arrogant spirit caused the Second World War. The Cold War after the World War II between the Capitalist nations on one side and the Socialist Communist nations on the other ended by the dissolution of the USSR. The Capitalists used religion as a demand for freedom of speech and freedom of faith in a democracy. Communists consider religions against their interests of unifying the international labrourers and through their study classes the communists teach the Darwin Theory as Scientific explanation for existentialism and so they speak against the Religious divine Theory of creations. This political rivalry in the modern world intensifies communal thought.
Not only political rivalry but religious institutionalization and their rivalry to convert people also make the issue complex. When politicians and priests come in compromise for mutual help the poor common mass is divided, riots are created and peace exists only in talk. This is what we find in every state in India and in Gulf countries. According to Samuel Huntington author of “The Clash of Civilization: And the Re-making of the New World Order” the Europeans and the Christianity shall be under the protection of the United States of America. When the US leaders tell of their interests one item is religious Evangelical interference the world over. Freedom to convert in to Christianity is its freedom of faith. It is the moral responsibility of US to help in the final war between the Muslims on one side and the non-Muslims on the other to the benefit of Christianity. The US opposes BJP in India as the BJP is against conversion.
Communists are against the theocratic rule and Theo- centric rule. Theocratic rule is based on the belief that the ruler is in touch with the God and he simply implement the orders of the God. The Witnesses of Jehovah Group believes so. Theo -centric rule is based on the belief that the ruler is only the representative of God on earth and do all good to people and is based on humane approach in all activities. As religions teach love, compassion, and co-operation and assimilation against class war which is opposed to the basic principle of Communists. Hence they oppose all organized effort to make religious harmony for a peaceful existence.
In the above circumstances the real pious people will have to form an Alliance to live in peace and protect themselves from the frauds who plot to divide us and to make a heaven here on earth and save us from the satanic forces..For that as Madhava Sadasiva Golwalker, of RSS, told to Dr.Saifuddheen Gilani(, Culcutta Interview,1971) , each person shall study what his religion tells and then he will be able to understand other religion better; and will find that there is only One God whom all worship. I would like to quote some basic concepts where all religions agree though rites may differ. Prophet Mohammed(pbh) has directed people to begin discussion from the point where both parties can agree. The major religions in the world are Christians, Muslims and the Hindus and Jews. Others are offshoots of the aforesaid.
In the holy Bible Old Testament, (Torah of the Jews) Ductonomy,6: 4 it is said, ”Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is One LORD.” So Jesus repeats in the New Testament. Matthew,4: 10, Jesus to Satan, ”Begone, Satan! For it is written, ”You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve Bible, John 4: 24, Lord is Soul, Worship him in Spirit and truth.In the holy Quran it is said, There is no God other than Allah(2: 255) Bhagavat Gita tells “Beejam mam sarva bhootanam..(I am the Seed of all.Gita,7: 10) .and Mam sarvabhoota maheswaram(I am the Protector of all Creations,9: 11.)
In the Bible we are told to surrender to him fully so that the Lord will care us with a land of milk and honey(Deut.6: 2-5) . Exodus,33: 14 My presence with you will give peace to you. The Qur’an tells to remember Allah so that the mind will be in peace. “Cast your burden on he LORD, and he will sustain you(Surrender to Him so that He will protect. The Bible, Psalms,55: 22,) . Submit to God he will relieve you from troubles, Bhagavat Gita too tells so in (18: 66.)
Irrespective of religions, we must be able to accept the truth in other paths.Do good to others.We must behave to others as we expect others to do unto us. Control anger and be patient. This worldly life is a funny one; the other world is eternal and important. Jihad or war for self protection is the last recourse not the first. Extremism and terrorism is not a befitting way of thinking as that brings unhappiness and vandalism and total catastrophe. Do not follow those who deny the Truth and do Jihad with Qur’an.(25: 52) This thought of Qur’an be linked to the Surah Nahal,16: 125) which tells to preach and discuss only to propagate Islam. There is no compulsion in Islam so says Surah Bakara, (2: 256) Bhagavat Gita too tell to do as one pleases after proper thinking on topics taught.(Yada ichassi tatha kuru) .Surah Kaafiroon, of Qur’an, tells not to interfere in other religions(“For you, your religion/faith; for me mine”) .It is clarified “If Allah intended none would pray other than to Him. You are not entrusted to guard them as you have no responsibility.(An Am,6: 107) .These ideas lead not to conflict but to peaceful co-existence. Therefore, to live in a peaceful democracy, try to know first oneself and one another instead of insulting and violating instructions of the holy books. It is to be remembered Divine thoughts) will lead to virtues and Devilish thoughts will lead to destruction. We need a Theo -centric nation of magnanimity and tolerance; not a theocratic one as ours is a diverse nation of secularism which is opposed to monoculturism.It can only save our democracy and life. Let us pray, ” Lead us not in to temptation, But deliver us from evil(The Bible, Matthew,6: 13

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  • Dinesh Nair (10/6/2013 9:15:00 AM)

    A thought provocative submission that casts a spell of its own. All your statements have a practical appeal and let us hope a day will dawn when the solution advocated and convincingly argued for work out against the demons of these communalitistic forces. A good write sir. (Report) Reply

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  • Neela Nath Das (10/6/2013 8:36:00 AM)

    ” Lead us not in to temptation, But deliver us from evil(The Bible, Matthew,6: 13- - - This must be our slogan.Words of wisdom.People knowing all these words fight as fanatics.This is the tragedy of human being.Wise yet fool. (Report) Reply

  • Wahab Abdul (10/6/2013 2:41:00 AM)

    love it and liked it.. keep going! (Report) Reply

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