Someone To Hold Poem by Laquory Jones

Someone To Hold

Rating: 5.0

I see her face as I search for embrace
Love giving chase paving the way this
Is what I say

I just want someone to hold
Baby if you didn't know
I find myself loving you more
And more I know you've heard
This before waves rushes shores
As our Hearts beats in one accord
I become undone looking into
Her eyes as they reflect the
Sun I never knew I would some
Day find the one This is my
Reality full force it grapples
Me Loves being chased hearts
Gives way and This is what I
Say' Lady blue I'm gonna try
To say what's on my mind no
Lets Rewind I guess you will
Figure it all out in due time'

I see her face as I'm wanting her embrace
Love's giving chase paving the way to what
I say ' it's okay' as I feel the gentle breeze
I'm not at ease so I move closer to her
Just to see what her body reaction will be
And tis I see her lips moving closer to me
It's heavenly no gravity as hearts beats as
One too careful not to jump the gun
(Don't Overrun) love has begun as she
Draweth near it's crystal clear no need to
Fear Just then she whispered in my ear
' I want someone to hold just then my
Heart was sold no longer cold' as I
Watched her royal blues this remained
True we had no clue what to do so then

I saw her face as I searched for her embrace
Love's giving chase paving the way as I wrapped
My arms around her body I had never wanted
Someone so badly I fell madly head over heels
With Lady Blue her eyes were Royal too tis was
True and You would have wanted her too
This is my reality I just wanted someone to hold
I know you have heard this one before waves
Rushes shores so you see what's happening
Her name was Heroine mulligan I fell In love
she was my Drug so majestic yes she was
I could never love Her enough
I just wanted someone to hold feeling
Her embrace kept me high and no I can't deny
Love was giving chase paving the way day to day


Thursday, August 25, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: emotional,emotions,heart love,love,love and art,love and friendship,love and life
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