Something I Left Poem by Kelly Vinal

Something I Left

Rating: 4.5

There is something left
In your eyes, they do not lie
I am my. My is something subjugate
To the lower, low me, below
The radar of my adulate – love me

There is something about you, about
You I will not cry. Find my shirt
Amongst those forgotten, these piles
Of uncertainty.

Solitude is solace in the eyes of darkness
Below the trite smiles of dictatorship
His hands upon me
His hands upon
Me and thus

There is something left in my rust
Please find me, find my shirt; I
Forgot the pageant-ry of Christ and I sin
As a man must.

David Gerardino 10 July 2005

nice poem, iv been wonting to use the word trite in one of my poems, ...........

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Lenchen Elf 26 March 2005

Thank you for this kelly

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Gillian.E. Shaw 26 March 2005

Loved your poem! There is something in the style I haven't come across before and the subject (human struggle) always of interest. Great poem!

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Kelly Allen Vinal 26 March 2005

Thanks AJS, and a wonderful Easter to you all: -)

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Allan James Saywell 26 March 2005

very good kelly, a fine poem for the easter season how are you log time no see Warm regards ajs

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Kelly Vinal

Kelly Vinal

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