Daydreaming Poem by Kelly Vinal


Rating: 4.4

Walk, fire, unimaginative wretch -
Draw to me the daydream
Scene. Dreaming whilst awake,
Of palm tree trails and fields
Of tangerines. Those muddy
Childhood time travails, when nothing
Else was cared. I took the
Kissing dare, remember -
Doctor Pepper bottle twirling.
It found me, extemporaneous
Romance, fledgling testosterone,
Swirling as a snake in slow-
Mo, black and white. It bit me
In a blast of
Freeze-frame recollection -
Iodine and silver photograph
Materializing through magnesium
Smoke - flash - bang!
And there I was again, scowling
Back at me.

O wretched are
These palm tree trails and
Tangerines, to tease me
From a hum-drum stage today -
This fluorescent, no-view room.
Redrawn and revised,
Romanticized and faded -
Coal walk fire, associative,
No-name by-line sound bite
Memory - milkshake spoon-straws
Prod my history, drawing
Happenstance - teeth and weeds and
Bullfrog races, creek fish,
Cane rods, red streak bobbers -
Daydream monkey -
Nut box hand trap -
Can’t let go from here.

*From the book: Vapours of Promise, ©2004 - ISBN 1-59526-352-7

Tears In Rain 04 September 2005

Keen free-association of sound-bites. Beating my brain like a drum.

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Patricia Gale 20 August 2006

A splendid piece, well done!

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 30 September 2008

that took me back to my bful childhood days...! ! ! :) great poem

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Qendresa Ulaj 17 September 2008

your daydreaming is similar with mine... a great poem...

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... Sheila 16 April 2007

Ah, sweet memories of carefree childhood, filed away so long ago... emerge, leaving us with a terrible longing to have them back...if only for a day, for a moment. 'You let me see the world Through your beautiful eyes And for the first time In such a long, long time It's as though I can see it With the carefree spirit Of the child I used to be...Before the worry Before the pain Before the heartache. It looks like my long lost Memories, so sweet...'

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Goldy Locks 01 October 2006

hey! i really liked this! ~ cool & original ~ for what is usually a hackneyed motif. SusxGLx

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Charmaine Simpson 20 September 2006

I love to daydream - this brought back some old memories of growing up. Loved it. Charmaine x

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