Despair Poem by Kelly Vinal


Rating: 4.4

Move away - from me, the form
Is parabolic in isolation, I’ll vet
The consequence and despair, despair
Will serve my hunger –
- Later -
And I’ll wait, wait for something,
Something greater -
Wait and I’ll wait
And I will have no pride -
The clouds will cast their twisted shadows
Over silver stallions that we ride.
The move away from - the publicans, the executors;
The prophets of destruction - shall we
Raise our crystal glasses, shall we
Utter bitter curses - curses
On the pain.
I’ll wipe away the tears - I’ll brush aside her hair;
It rains in these – this paradise -
A torrent of despair.

Herbert Nehrlich1 03 December 2004

No doubt about it, you are good. H

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... Sheila 16 April 2007

I can feel the despair in this piece, yet a powerful resolve to overcome it! Wonderfully written. Blessings. Sheila

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 21 August 2006

That poem was really good, it made me think. Keep writing and keep cool, smiles N hugs, Willow: -)

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Maxim Muyu 21 August 2006

The poem is so metaphysical and deep, agains't all diabolic nature, indeed the poem can wash creation's by negation and despair.maxim muyu.

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Brenda Fischer 24 February 2005

I liked the last line best. It saved it.

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Lenchen Elf 05 December 2004

Very good indeed: -)

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