Kelly Vinal

Rookie (1967- / Homestead, Florida)

Kelly Vinal Poems

1. Rote 9/10/2006
2. Less Than All 8/13/2008
3. Dreams In Argon 3/11/2008
4. Solvent Of Tears 10/28/2005
5. Spiral 2/19/2006
6. Incarnate 3/20/2006
7. Half A World 9/29/2005
8. Shadow On The Sun 7/10/2005
9. To Be With You Again 11/28/2005
10. Diamonds In The Sea 7/17/2006
11. Fly In The Frame 9/6/2006
12. Cycle 8/29/2005
13. New World 4/16/2007
14. The Far And Gray 10/4/2007
15. Distance 8/28/2006
16. Time And Love 12/2/2005
17. Brotherhood’s Stream 8/28/2005
18. White, Blue 12/24/2005
19. Pause 9/18/2006
20. Overlines 11/28/2004
21. Conductor Of Heroes 8/31/2005
22. Hurt 11/28/2004
23. Virtuous Fading 11/28/2004
24. Middle Clarity 11/28/2004
25. Hatred 4/22/2005
26. Fractured 11/28/2004
27. Pause To Dream 11/28/2004
28. Dream Of Constantine 12/4/2004
29. Wounds Of Byzantine 11/28/2004
30. Mariner’s Widow 11/28/2004
31. In Search Of Rapa Nui 11/28/2004
32. In The Place Of Emptiness 12/1/2004
33. Spring Evolution 11/28/2004
34. Dawn Of Night 12/2/2004
35. Moon Face Back 11/28/2004
36. Ubiquitous Song 11/28/2004
37. Ode To A Frozen Timepiece 11/28/2004
38. Observation Touch 12/5/2004
39. Feast 11/28/2004
40. Cocoon 4/20/2005

Comments about Kelly Vinal

  • Angela Fye (10/1/2006 1:39:00 PM)

    you're poems are abosolutely awesome....they say a lot

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  • kAy BaRCeLon (9/6/2006 7:03:00 AM)

    I am humbled by your poems. Your writings are exemplary. Your range is broad but yet shows your seriousness as a poet. You also have a stirring but careful selection of words. Tus poemas son profundos. Impresionante! Magaling! Thank you, Kay.

  • Isaac Ray (8/21/2006 12:31:00 PM)

    thank you, I'll be looking forward to reading a lot of your works man.


  • zip zap (11/13/2005 10:25:00 AM)

    thanks for commenting! I look forward to reading more of your work

  • Anne Leaver (11/12/2005 6:47:00 AM)

    Thanks for your comment on my poem - beautiful work that I've read so far of yours here, and I look forward to reading more. Anne

  • Mikoto (9/7/2005 9:08:00 AM)

    Thank you for commenting to my poems.
    I'm sorry for my late reply.
    I like 'To see and love and believe' of 'Between the Blinds'.
    I felt happiness from this words.
    Keep writing.

  • Judith Jacob (4/15/2005 10:00:00 AM)

    Your poems are absolutely great! I really enjoyed reading them. Keep up the good work.

  • James Watts (12/22/2004 2:04:00 PM)

    Hello Kelly,

    Im sure its you that said to me that i should never be discouraged by others when it comes to writing but when i spoke to my friend she said that you gave her a negative comment and quiet upset her. At the age of 14 nobody would like to here that even if you disagree with what they say but it is there own work and something that helps them escape, therefore i would just like to say that you need to think about your actions before you say things because i dont know wiether they got the wrong end of the stick but she was hurt by it and caused her to take some of her work off this site. Do you think thats fair? I hope this did not offend you that was not the point i just wanted to point something out to you.

    Yours Sincerley James Watts

  • Pradeep Dhavakumar (12/16/2004 12:29:00 PM)

    Each and every poem of yours is a joy to read.Some, I had to read twice or thrice to understand!

  • Lenchen Elf (12/5/2004 7:06:00 PM)

    Thoroughly enjoyed all your work published here and look forward to more

Best Poem of Kelly Vinal

The Man Without A Name

Deep within the chasm,
Lives the man without a name -
He’s come to represent
The secrets hidden in -
And so we, do we castigate
Those things not understood,
In culture and in worship,
In ideals and shades of skin

This society

Is it not hypocrisy
To cast as demons, if but only for
Subjective sin and character
Unlike our own -
If only I could exorcise
My coded prejudice, my DNA,
And pave a plane of equity
For our homogenous affinity -
And I would be the first
To grasp your outstretched hand, my friend,
To seal the man without ...

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Close me
Lump me in cocoon
When I don’t want to engage
The outside world today.
Let me out to breathe
Sometimes -
This air is acrid and stinks
Of progress.
Draw me in with a

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