Something That Terrible Is Happening Poem by Julia Luber

Something That Terrible Is Happening

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But old friends from college who are purportedly intelligent….
with good incomes and secure jobs for being so. But old
friends who you travelled with, even lived with, protecting and
socially supporting and accommodating a murderer while being
blessed enough to be informed of such by you and doing nothing
about it? Not giving you the name it goes by now? Not helping you
in anyway. In fact only making it worse by showing off their love for the murderer? ? ? ? ? ? ?
That is a different kind of agony. And yes, this did coerce your tardive dyskenesia.
And yes, people do sometimes die from psychological shock and torment,
social insult and trauma. And they did this to you in your childhood neighborhood?
Invading your space and territory and protecting a murderer you were
desperate to get in prison for the rest of its life. While they subjected
their children to it, and their children's friends? ? ? ? ? That's scary. Most people don't
even consider something that terrible is happening. And one of them a
social justice executive? That does make it worse. I can understand why you
are afraid you are going to die from the shock and the pain and why you don't
want people to read this poem in fear of being criticized for bringing this up
again. It just torments you for more than an hour a day. It simply has
replaced you and in many ways destroyed you. What does not kill you
does not always make you stronger. Sweet to think so though.
And are these 'old friend' guilty of accomplice to murder? And
attempt to murder by what they have been like to you?
I think so. At least understand they are guilty of murder and cruel.

I am shocked every day in thinking about some old friends from college who are now protecting and socially accommodating a murderer from prosecution and doing so in my neighborhood and in my face, turning my comfort territory into a nightmare.
Panagiota Romios 29 August 2019

Wealthy, degree, no degree, poor.all these levels protect nuts. No kidding. It is frightening! They won't turn them in. For me, am my most Own worst enemy. My biggest enemy is me, any negative thoughts crush me, I have known a murderer, He killed his wife on Christmas Eve, ya, he had a happy front.liar.

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Julia Luber 29 August 2019

It is true, it just takes time and mental work to get used to. We have other hopes for life and the world.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 29 August 2019

Most people don't even consider something that terrible is happening....needs serious introspection! An excellent work on social issue................10

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Julia Luber 29 August 2019

I have written about this before on PH and fear some people on PH are really tired of reading about this plight of mine in poetry, but it afflicts me everyday.

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