Sometimes :) Poem by Kara Aleid was Thomas

Sometimes :)

Rating: 2.1

Sometimes i fall asleep wishing your next to me.

Sometimes i walk places and i wishes your next to me
holding my cold hands carefully.

Sometimes i dream of you kissing me, i just wish i could feel it for real
but your so far away for me to even see.

we talk on the phone i have to admit i love hearing you voice
i sometimes get all tingling because am thinking of you to much.

when i sleep i dream of you, your next to me, it seems a lovely day
your hugging me but when i wake up its faded,
the clouds turn all grey on me.

we met in primary and since then ive never felt the same
you've got my heart beating crazy
and you got me in love with you baby.

I love you and i wish you knew just how much!
if people cant understand how i feel
who care cause i need you more than breathing.

when i hear you talking you dont know
how much i blush...
when we talk i wish i could
record it and listen to it in the night
am sure that will kept my tears in tight! ..

- Its getting colder outside and am missing you with all my heart.

Khalid Loves Cara More 16 December 2011

tehee :) , well you got your dream come true kiss :) now am waiting for you to untie my tongue you forget the french kiss: L ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Pharnell Raines 23 October 2011

Beautiful. You have captured the essence of youthful purity within romantic passion. Keep writing, your heart will continue to guide you.

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Abi Whitaker 08 October 2011

i love this! i totaly get what you mean

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Vipins Puthooran 08 October 2011

It's a nice song...i like this one for the feel you've created in this poem....

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