Song: Crazy Love (2) Poem by Dave SmithWhite

Song: Crazy Love (2)

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Love can make you stupid.
That love is much maligned.
They say it's sure reputed,
To appear when it's ill-timed.

Love can make you stupid.
Love can make you blind.
Love can leave you neutered,
Unmanned and undermined.

Love can drive you crazy,
As desire is now unpacked.
Your brain is dim and hazy;
'Gainst you, the odds are stacked.
Love can make you queasy,
Sea-sick, ship-wrecked, high-jacked.
Love is never easy,
As on auto-cue - you act!

Love can drive you crazy.
Like redundant, troubled youth.
So gauche with foolish praises, she
Must think you're quite a goof!
Love can drive you crazy.
When you know she has the proof;
She's like your secret Stasi,
Who can winnow out the truth!

Love can drive you crazy,
Love can make you blind.
Green fairies dance on daisies,
And your thoughts are inter-twined.

Love is just a fantasy;
A romance on ship at sea.
A deep abiding mystery,
Or so it seems to be.
Love's a bright brave fancy,
That skips above the waves;
That soars on hope and whimsy,
On roads that history paves.

Love can make you stupid.
Love can be unkind.
Love reveals your putrid
Soul, the flesh and not the rind.

Love is just a state of mind;
An attachment and a bond.
A vision of the self enshrined,
In perpetual myths beyond
The finite span of our simple lives,
Like art, arcane and fond.
Love is wonder that arrives,
As if by magic wand!

Love can drive you crazy.
I think you now agree.
My idea is not so lazy,
Even less is logic free.
Love can send you round the bend;
Deranged, unglued, unhinged.
An odd, chaotic poetry,
With just deserts infringed.

Love can make you stupid.
When you long to be entwined.
When your rampart heart is looted,
And all your songs declined.

Love can make you stupid,
As all your plans unwind.
Love can't be disputed,
For that's how we're designed!

Saturday, June 11, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love and art
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