Speck (And I Am Born) Poem by Linda Marie Van Tassell

Speck (And I Am Born)

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"You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean, in a drop."
~ Rumi

Speck (and I am born)
in the beam of a dream so bright.
Spark (the early morn)
in soft tendrils of azure light.

Shape (the softest breeze)
across the hills to bring it near.
Speak (like ancient trees)
against the shoreline of your ear.

Sway (from myth to moor)
until you touch the broken rune.
Scatter (length and lore)
and let it rain to quell the moon.

Shine (like a diamond)
when the world tries to interlude.
Seek (the sublime and)
the peace that comes with solitude.

Some (can never see)
the creation they are making.
Song (of swallowed glee)
desperation so heart-breaking.

Still (live not under)
the shadow of trivial things.
Strike (with the thunder) ,
and slide your skin through golden rings.

Sun (you are a shield)
an elemental crown of sky.
Sweet (fragrance of field)
blossom in me until I die.

Sacred (be not death) .
It is a flood that ever flows.
Speak (with holy breath)
and flush the petals of the rose.

Skin (let me be seen)
and let me be the me in me.
Soul (of evergreen)
with vineyards ripe with jubilee.

Silence (let there be)
a deeper silence evermore.
Splendor (ecstasy)
a speck of life forevermore.

Speck (And I Am Born)
Jazib Kamalvi 06 September 2019

A refined poetic imagination, Linda Marie. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.

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Dr Antony Theodore 06 September 2019

Sway (from myth to moor) until you touch the broken rune. Scatter (length and lore) and let it rain to quell the moon... very fine exoressions of a thinking mind.. like your poems. tony

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Bernard F. Asuncion 06 September 2019

This is a classy quatrain, dear Ma’am Linda...10++

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Gajanan Mishra 06 September 2019

Entire ocean, life and dream

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Julia Luber 06 September 2019

I like how you've used an orchestration of repetition and rhyme to create a very musical poem that works right on the mind too as to what it is about. Very poetic and musical.

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