Spotless Lamb Of God Poem by Gerald Opio

Spotless Lamb Of God

A trait out of the ordinary
One out of man's ability
Purely refined through and through
Unfathomable to our discernment

Destined from ages past
Even before the world came to be
Wonderfully designed and articulated
For salvation of mankind

No one came close
As perfection to free us from guilt
An abyss was to be our ending
If not only for one man - the only son of God

One so spotless - not even a speck of dust would taint Him
Free From blemish - one so satiable for the atonement of our sins; a love so pure - innumerable

A thought of it couldn't deter him
From his mission - dedicated he was - lowly he became.
So that he could serve his purpose
In the face of humiliation, rejection and affliction.

All sorts of pain he went through.
Just quenched his thirst to go forth - and accomplish his mission to the very end.
Unshakable he was - unwavering faith in the Father he had.
A faith that couldn't falter.

Even the tempest was afraid of Him - when his disciples cried out in agony for help from him.
In deep slumber he was as he couldn't hear their cries - until he was aroused by their boisterous plea for help - awaken, he saw the boat they were in about to capsize; no sooner had he raised his hands than the storm calmed down. A miraculous moment it was - one that their eyes couldn't stop reliving. Praise be to El shaddai.

A spotless Lamb of God we call Him - even before the world was begotten.
He was there, awaiting his time
To come and free us from bondange;
And slavery to sin that was prevalent in the world
Abeam of hope he was
To our carnally dead bodies to sin - a revival to us he was
Glory to God in the highest.

Even hades couldn't contend with him; when he paid it a visit
It trembled at the presence of the messiah
It's captivity was feeble - it's chains he broke with much ease.
Victorious he emerged out - empty the tomb was when they sought for him on the third day.
He was risen at the time - Hallelujah

Out of the tomb - ardoned with a sparkling white garment
A garment that left the guard who witnessed the scene so amazed - God's true light
A beacon of hope for all Christians - that there is life after death - good tiding it is.
Henceforth, we proclaim his death and profess his resurrection til he comes back again, Amen. (sing for joy) for the Lord is about to come

Let his coming back not find you unaware - like a thief comes in the night
Only to steal and take away
May the coming back of our Lord Jesus Christ bring so much joy
Due to the long awaited anticipation it encompasses among the faithfuls.
Stand firm in faith and let the will of God be done unto us, Amen.

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