Sunshine Poem by Gerald Opio


Rating: 5.0

At dawn, when we wake up
Open the door and have a gaze outside,
Only to see that dazzling light from the sun's rays
Which compels you to shrink your eyes to curtail on the impact of its rays

Oh, imagine a world without the sun
Where could we get that warmth
Though sometimes it gets overboard and it becomes sweltering
It is never something of a wary
As it also aids us in the harvest and drying of clothes

But then, that scorching heat from the sun wouldn't be so fancied
If it wasn't for the rainy days that counteract the very hot days
It creates a moderation in temperature that results to a cool aura.
Not to mention, how sweet that stroll can be at dusk with the beautiful scenery of the sunset ahead of you.

But then, when it gets too cold. What do we do?
We bring out all kinds of heavy cardigans and put them on.
In so doing, we are temporarily warming our bodies as we patiently wait and anticipate for the summertime
Well, the sun wouldn't be as pleasant as it is without the rain
Each of them complements the other.
Something that depicts reciprocation.

The sun is never envious of the rain
Neither is the rain envious of the sun
The sun shines in its own time
While the rain also falls in its own time
Both serving their purpose amicably.

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