Nothing Much Left Of Me Poem by Gerald Opio

Nothing Much Left Of Me

Rating: 4.8

Through the valleys,
I walk...
its darkness threatens me not,
because life has suckled me bone-dry.
Trials and tribulations infest my path, with no room to breathe.
Adversaries that recur make my feet tremulous, but not anymore.
Life has invigorated my fighting zeal, just like an arrow is honed through a furnace, exuding an igneous appearance.
Calamity invokes the warrior in me, life has casted out all my fears.
Nothing much is left of me, except the undying spirit to fight,
face life head on, counteract all its eventualities, circumstances and catastrophic events. For it's challenges are what life is; for without them, life would be meaningless as one who only invests in pleasures other than wisdom. Not knowing that;
Pleasure is ephemeral but wisdom is eternal.

Juhaina Tumlu 29 May 2023

Your poem connects two ends of emotion neatly.5 Stars.

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Gerald Opio 29 May 2023

thank you.

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Nabakishore Dash 29 May 2023

Extraordinarily philosophical poem revered poet.Every disadvantage teaches us better and better lessons surely. no words I find to write my really felt feelings.Please carry on.

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Gerald Opio 29 May 2023

Thank yor for the positive comment. Life is our best teacher.

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M. Asim Nehal 28 May 2023

Last line sums up the positivity: Pleasure is ephemeral but wisdom is eternal. I liked it.5****

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David Wood 28 May 2023

Good poem Gerald. Each time you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and keep going.

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