Forgive Me, For It Wasn't My Fault. Poem by Gerald Opio

Forgive Me, For It Wasn't My Fault.

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I will love you.
But not how I used to love.
Because my heart was toyed with.
My past has been so cruel to me.
That I lost track on how to love.
I need revamping and reviving,
my heart is in a state of repression.
It hasn't been my fault,
that I loved so much,
but received crumbs of love in return.
I kept on availing profusely,
from a heart so filled with love,
but incessantly the love was dissipated,
with no modicum of rue.
I am sorry, for it wasn't my fault;
That I can't love the same anymore.
Give me time, treat me right;
For I know, that with proper affection,
cordial love, my feeble desire would invigorate;
And bolster my defunct romantic love,
that I once had, when my heart was still fresh;
when it loved for the first time, passionate and ebullient.
Thus forgive me, for it wasn't my fault; that I fell for the wrong people that drained me of all the love that I would give such a loving and benevolent person such as you, flawlessly endowed.

Rajan T Renganathan 28 May 2023

Your age and biological changes made you fall for her.. Good poem.

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M. Asim Nehal 27 May 2023

One sided love is always 💔 painful. Nice poem 5****

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