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Stars shimmering
Stars glowing
Stars never ending
Showing their brilliance to us
Shadows of darkness creeping in between them
Slowly time moves on

Stars are dying
Seeing them dim
Shuddering masses
Spinning and spinning
Shown what power they have
Seeing them pulse
THAT is the stars true form


A wonderful poem here. Truly Great! Keep posting more poems!

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Barbara Terry 29 April 2008

This is a very good poem about the stars and their true form, according to Tobias Gray.: P This poem says a lot, and is a good tribute to them. There is one error though, and that is in the first stanza, in the 4th line. You have 'there' and it should be 'their'. But I can find nothing wrong with this poem, except that one mistake. Thank you for sharing, Tobias. WRITE ON! ! ! ! ! Love & hugs, Barbara

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Kieran J96 15 August 2010

tbh rebecca r kinda took the word right out of my mouth. this is a really beautiful poem. it is nice just to stop and look up on a clear night to see the slight twinkles of light that frame the world skies.

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Rebecca R. 18 November 2009

Excellent poem, I feel like you are a twin soul, you take the time to appreciate the beauty nature has to offer, and that is a rare thing...10+ marks! : D

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Anabel just Anabel 08 October 2009

cute! :) full of awesomest <-not a word but you know what i mean: D great job!

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Paige S 09 April 2009

Nice descriptions of stars, Tobias. Sincerely, Paige

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Breeanna Mcelmurry 22 March 2009

i like this one. love alwas bree

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