Bounce Back Poem by Jude's Child

Bounce Back

Rating: 5.0

My wings have left me forlorn
My demons remain
Stranded I have but a forked road
Continue should I into oblivion?
Remain complacent and accept the darkness?
Or, prepare for the flight of my life....?

The latter being my choice
It is true I wait for my wings
But shall I not strengthen my back?
Prepare for the sky?
The world is not new
Pain and suffering have always been
It is how one shields the attacks that defines
Strength of being in these times

I do not stand alone
Fools would.....
I have The Almighty at my side
Trust in Him is my shield

A fallen warrior I was
Injured and destitute
Now stronger each day
It is to God I pray

Strengthening my back I am
Strong as an ox it will be
For when my wings return
A flight so awesome you will see

Kim Barney 11 October 2016

I was drawn to this poem because of the title. I have one with basically the same title. Actually, it's a limerick and so I have it listed this way: Limerick: Bounce Back I enjoyed reading yours.

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Manonton Dalan 20 September 2008

go with arms of the Lord with open heart and be rewarded. md

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Blue angel Florida 16 August 2007

A Phoenix! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Superb! ! ! Amazing! Loved IT! Thanks!

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