Starving For Redemption Poem by jack green

Starving For Redemption

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When times were different and i was young, ooooh so long ago.
I chased the devil pressed between midnight and tomorrows page
And a few times i caught him feasting on the flesh of my black soul.
Tempting me with so called best friend using a puppet on his stage
Unchallenged as the years melted away such fun why change.
Ever ignoring what will become of good ole Jack after his run.
Will there be time to correct aged mistakes reconcile the estranged
Should such a waste be allowed into heaven as my fathers son
Or am i bound for hell to serve as poster boy of malignant cyst.
Starving for redemption from needed help i walked right past
Should I fear the stroll on my way to judgment as i melt into the mist.

Laron Green Sr. 02 February 2012

enjoy reading your thoughts excellent

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Ramesh Rai 02 February 2012

i find a deep emotion in your poem.

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Silentpoet Grl 31 January 2012

i always love your images you create... 'feasting on the flesh of my black soul' ... another great one, Jack!

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jack green

jack green

Chattanooga, Tennessee
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