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Stepping Up - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Jesus went to hell and shook the kingdom up, can't hold him
'Got a strange motive' (screams)
Tell, blots to lock
Gloat, plain book page, hooks hang what fell, names broken
Though presented well…
Black sights
Souls hidden… enrobed visions
Old quisling, snatch his own striplings, to go fishing
Act right, the last moves, courtesy of
Bad views
In addition to the flames in the fast flash, physically can add jewels
Trapped in a cycle
Living proof of absent praise, vague taps
In the trifle
The pay back to be the same crap, strange maps unbridled
It ain't real to aim gats, we claim that
Brandished in the
Facts be erasers, of the acts leading hate, trading hats, evil fables
Keep us labeled, but you don’t care
Peeking at the shallowness around, still deep enough to drown, in these values
You can see it in the
It’s the devil, to prepare his final push against the Holy Kingdom
It's a spirit thing, aimed against the holy people
Manifesting physically, the drape of time, a straight decline, to take the minds
Back from the Light to the growing evil, pictured paintings
A fried chicken scent
Or some sandalwood… with the candlewood, no attention to art
Late night, late night, dark light style statement
Same fight, heart made hard
Like halves breaking
Slight fright, czar praising ain't a part of this arrangement
Might ride, get the stars, with the charts
Mapping constellations, still looking up at them, stamping
Exact a minor free, let the minors feed on the
Living Word… may it start
Abandon all the olden thoughts and pride that blind the eyes there
Hiding, to disguise, as a drive to strive to rise fair
Freezing, by a means of my own
Bleeding deep inside
The souls
Though it's cold, focus froze on the most important, shadow, I'm a ghost reported
Ravenous things… even seemings from the past still inhabit the dreams
Characters of classic times, talking to me
Passing wisdom
In the evening, by your side, average scripting at the visions
That is… backwards, mad I had to do
But actually, a blessing
Screaming glory, hallelujah! For I'm glad to see oppression, got the family respect, to you
Hurt but never dead to you, wrecked in the dungeons
Have a brother wishing something
Rise above the circumstances, in the face of men and women's envy
So much going on it scares me, but airs me
Clashing with the darkness using farther methods, from within
Called honesty, the cards it lack
Beating down inveiglement, the fake say I'm fake, but I start to get the picture
Satan's targets are resisting, he ain't smarter
Observations saw…
Feeling like it's pain? Don't claim the thing, but shake it off
In the name of Jesus, for He gave the same
And saved them all!
Pages of Ephesians, just as well of any other book, completed
No to demons, with the Bible
For I'm busy, throwing truth around, I'm ground, for the season, and weekend too
Feeling extra special, God keep the boy sustained
So, I feel nice, within or without a crowd, aiming for that final crown
Society's a straight joke, everything inside it
Get behind it 'cause it can't row
Even if the finest, and the mindless, see, it can't grow
So it can't go, ill complaint, spreading hate
In the heavens in a second, trying to hear the good, faithful servant words
From the burbs to near the hood, wish we could've grown up
In the burbs… I'd be more accepted
My little sis and me, born without the ordered methods
Mama formed the essence of progression
So it's best…
God never makes mistakes, if you feel me, make success your exit
Forget the skeptics, they don't know what they talking
For they could never understand
Or see the road that you
I use broken English, syntax, and sorts because I'm content with me
Even if I'm masking this ignorance
I'm commit to glee…
Don't want to hear a tad of enemy's tactics meant for D, stepping up from that
Recalibrate to the fifth degree!

Grow and transcend…

Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual, truth

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