Still There Poem by Jim Yerman

Still There

He remembers asking his dad, as they gazed up at the sky one night…
"Where do the stars go during the day, Dad? Who turns out their lights? "

"The stars are always shining." His dad told him. "Each and every one."
"It's just…during the day…their light blends with the sun."

"And once their light joins with the sun…that light spreads out everywhere.
So even though you cannot see them, rest assured, the stars are always there."

He remembers asking his dad, as they were looking out their window pane,
"Dad, I've always wondered. Where does the sun go in the rain? "

"The sun is always shining." His dad whispered…for he never talked too loud.
"She's shining as she always has…she's just hidden by the clouds."

"And so you won't forget she's out there keeping safe and dry…
she occasionally gets together with the rain and paints a rainbow across the sky."

His dad's been gone for many years…many years they've been apart.
Yet, every now and then he's blessed when his Dad's words echo in his heart.

Now…any time he sees a rainbow he thinks about his dad…
thinks about the words he whispered…about the good times that they had.

And like the stars in the middle of the day he is joyfully aware…
even though he cannot see him…he knows his dad is always there.

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