Storm Fear Poem by Robert Frost

Storm Fear

Rating: 3.7

When the wind works against us in the dark,
And pelts with snow
The lowest chamber window on the east,
And whispers with a sort of stifled bark,
The beast,
'Come out! Come out!'-
It costs no inward struggle not to go,
Ah, no!
I count our strength,
Two and a child,
Those of us not asleep subdued to mark
How the cold creeps as the fire dies at length,-
How drifts are piled,
Dooryard and road ungraded,
Till even the comforting barn grows far away
And my heart owns a doubt
Whether 'tis in us to arise with day
And save ourselves unaided.

Lauren Love 26 December 2011

The poem, to me, shows what type of fear srikes a person when a storm comes, and not being a sotrm as in weather, but inside the soul storm. Good job Robert :)

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Ram Dutt Dixit 21 January 2011

What are the preprations of a gentleman in the world of terrorism! Reveals straitly.

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Stephen W 18 January 2013

I think this poem is really about the weather. He lived on a farm in the US North East, having grown up in San Francisco, where such storms would have been unknown. The fear of being snowed in is very real.

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Shameela Yoosuf Ali 30 November 2016

Breathtakingly beautiful poem.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 24 September 2017

How the cold creeps as the fire dies at length, - How drifts are piled, Nicely penned.

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wesley 14 October 2019

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wesley 14 October 2019

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Sylvaonyema Uba 11 April 2018

When the wind works against us in the dark. Nicely written and well communicated. Sylva-Onyema Uba

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Mason 31 January 2018


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Rogelio Guillermo 09 October 2017

I love Robert Frost's play on words in his poems... a great lesson

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