Stranded On The Sahara Desert Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Stranded On The Sahara Desert

'What's the matter?
What 'is' on your mind? '

I am happy.
With few petty complaints.
I get up in the morning,
Thankful to God for my life.
And I have a peace of mind,
Without a restraint.

I have a joy within,
That finds me grinning.
Although I am not materially rich...
I do pinch pennies,
For something I don't need.
But something, at the time, I wish!

I talk to the sun...
Hoping its rays will shine through clouds.
And when it rains on my parade?
I am crazed with love...
Soaking wet and shouting out loud.
To the ears of anyone.

I've had my share of disappointments.
Some of which left me in deep despair.
But I do keep my prayers focused,
And my faith intact is always there.
Knowing God has the best of my welfare.

'But why does it seem,
You are hopeless without dreams?
At least that's the way it appears.
Discovering you like this on this scene! '

I'm just here wishing for a way...
To share the cheers inside I feel.
Seeking to find an appeal...
To produce more smiles.
And remove frowns and tears.
Wanting to make 'that' for some unreal!

'You'd be better off being a ventriloquist!
Stranded on the Sahara Desert.'

At least 'there'
It will be more Sun!
And I'm sure whatever I say,
Wont be wasted on my tongue!

'AND you certainly will not need a 'dummy'
To capture 'all' of the attention!
You'll have lots of space,
To rehearse your fate!
And not a soul to disturb any decision heard,
You alone provide and will make! '

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