Stronger Than Love Poem by soren Barrett

Stronger Than Love

Stronger than love is that force which binds us together
Not just attraction, or passion that blinds the eyes and clouds the brain
Not promises, or vows that are often broken
But bound by those same forces that hold the stars in place
Held together by this power since before the flow of time
We have always known each other
If some day our universe ends
If all the stars go out
And all my memories are erased
By this power I will find you
I know that even when you are not here you are near
It is this that calms me and gives me peace
To find you I have only to look around
I see your compassion in the infinite depth of the sky that stretches from horizon to horizon
I feel your warm caress in the sun on my shoulder
And your tender kiss in the soft fog against my cheeks
I see your sparkling eyes in the night stars
I hear your voice in the gentle breezes
And smell your fragrance in the perfume of the blossoms
I hear your laughter in the babbling brook's waters
And your free and joyful singing in the song of the morning birds
I feel the insistent tempting pull of your hand in each tug of the tide
Your tears are the rain that cleanse my soul and heal my pain
You are the soft darkness that brings rest to my tired eyes
You are the very beating of my heart
So quiet, so peaceful, deep inside me
Telling me that
Even after deaths changes
We'll never be strangers

Chinedu Dike 06 January 2022

A very compassionate piece written from inner recesses of the heart. Lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched...

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